Tuesday 13 July 2021

Indian subcontinent newsdump (w/e 11/7/21)

 Ramgarh gets Centre nod to become 4th big cat reserve of Raj

Ramgarh gets Centre nod to become 4th big catreserve of Raj. TNN / Jul 7, 2021, 04:05 IST. FacebookTwitterLinkedin ...

Carcass of 10-year-old tiger found in R'bore waterhole
... of death even after postmortem, it was claimed the big cat either died due to a cardiac arrest or snake bite as there were no injury marks on the body.

Study: How a large cat deity helps people to share space with leopards in India
A new study led by WCS-India documents how a big cat deity worshiped by Indigenous Peoples facilitates coexistence between humans and leopards ...

Pune: Leopard breaks into school canteen, rescued after four-hour-long operation
Shocked to discover the big cat in the school canteen, the panic-stricken staff immediately shut the canteen doors and windows from outside.

Leopard Breaks Into School Canteen After Fighting Over Territory With Rival
The big cat—an adult male thought to be 7 to 8 years old—entered through the kitchen window of the local government school in the village of Takali ...

Injured tiger dies while being shifted
It was then decided that the tiger would be shifted to Bannerghatta Biological Park for treatment. But en route, the big cat died near Mysuru. Return to ...

Hides of tiger, three leopards seized from Kalahandi, six arrested
He also said that it hasn't be ascertained yet as to where these big cats were killed. Forest officials of Chhatisgarh said that a bigger smuggling ...

Deity worship enables leopard conservation in Maharashtra - Sify.com
New Delhi, July 9 (IANS) A new study led by WCS-India documents how a big cat deity worshipped by indigenous people facilitates coexistence ...

7th leopard cub spotted in Jhalana reserve this year
In search of territory, these wild cats venture out and go missing or get killed in territorial fights. With the leopard population on an upward trajectory, ...

Manipur village on alert as attacks on cattle investigated
From the pugmarks which measured seven inches, it is deduced that the big cat could be a Royal Bengal tiger. The owners, Namsihou Panmei, .

Manipur: Tiger kills three cows in remote village of Tamenglong district
Initially, pugmarks of the big cat were often spotted by the locals near the villages of Tarou, Rianglong and Konphung along the Barak River bank.
Nine big cat skins seized after raids in Odisha's Kalahandi
While the crackdown has come as a huge boost to the Forest Department's enforcement, it has also exposed a worrying factor - poaching of big cats in ...

Sloth bear chases away tiger in this viral video. Seen it yet?
In case of this video, the mammal ends up chasing away the big cat. ... at the first instance by raising its forelimbs to make them look large in size.

OF leopard likely to be one sighted at Ambazari last month
"In Nagpur city, we never found any pugmarks. So, there is no way to confirm whether this was the same big cat," said Hada. Also, the reason for this ...

Bandipur tiger dies while being shifted to Bengaluru
But the big cat died on its way near Mysuru. The tiger was spotted at Gundre Range Nayalla Beat near Suthanahalli backwater. As it was badly injured ...

Dudhwa officials recover canines of tiger poached in 2007, 2 arrested
... in Dudhwa forest by a gang of poachers, two of its members were arrested on Sunday and two canines of the slain big cat were seized from them.

2 killed in UP tiger attack in Pilibhit
Three friends were returning home late night when they were attacked by the big cat. Two of them, Kanhaiya Lal and Sonu, died on the spot while the .

USA/Canada/Mexico Newsdump (w/e 11/7/2021)

 Ask the PAC: Is Petaluma's mountain lion gone for good?

By the time we get there, the cat's gone, or there's no actual evidence of a big cat." So when a mountain lion captivated the community as it traveled ...

Mountain lion hiding under a deck in Englewood was safely relocated
Around 9 p.m. Thursday, wildlife officers with Colorado Parks and Wildlife tranquilized the big catafter she was spotted under a deck near S.
Orange County mountain lion shot and killed, investigation underway
... the big cats of the Santa Ana and Santa Monica mountains are in particular jeopardy, according to a 2019 study by University of Nebraska and UC ...

Botswana: Lion ransacks tent

Campers capture footage of lion ransacking their tent
But sharing your sleeping space with big cats comes with its own, unique ... As the big cat continued to circle the tent, Hofmeyr drove the vehicle as ...qW

SOUTH AFRICA: Cheetah attacks volunteer

 WATCH | Cheetah attacks international volunteer in SA

"As is the case at many so-called 'sanctuaries', the big cat enclosures at the facility where Amandine Lequime volunteered are designed incorrectly, ..

Saving the Arabian leopard

 Born to be wild: A daring vision of the Arabian leopard's future

The Arabian leopard probably isn't the world's rarest big cat, but it is one of a number that are so threatened they now require highly targeted ...

Tuesday 6 July 2021

USA/Canada/Mexico Newsdump (w/e 4/7/2021)

 Exotic Cat On The Prowl In Metro Atlanta

A Brookhaven woman woke up to a large serval caton her bed Wednesday morning, and now it's on the loose. Kara McIntyre's profile picture. Kara ...

Mountain Lion Spotted Early Saturday Wandering Through Petaluma Neighborhood
Seeing the big cat in the street was the first surprise. Then Luchock checked his home security camera, and there it was, strolling through his backyard. "

I hear a thump on my bed': Ga. woman wakes up to large, exotic cat staring at her
(WGCL) - Game wardens are on the hunt for a large, African cat roaming wild near an Atlanta country club. One woman woke up to find the big cat on ...
cooger Cougar Spotted In Illinois Fatally Shot By Officer (PHOTO ... Cougar sighted in Coquitlam as ...
Cougar sighted in Coquitlam as snowfall brings big cat to ... Posted July 3, 2021, 1:46 pm to cooger. cougar coquitlam cat snowfall brings sighted town ...

British big cats in deep time

 EP:54 Awakening the Pleistocene predators – a deep history of big catsin Britain | Big Cat ...

Around 80% of big cat reports in Britain resemble black leopards (Panthera pardus) also called melanistic leopards. Panther is a general word for large ...