Monday, 25 November 2013

USA SIGHTINGS: Mystery black cat sightings around NY park

PALISADES, N.Y. (AP) — Halloween is long gone. So what's up with the black cat sightings near New York's Tallman Mountain State Park?

Signs posted around the Rockland County park warn the public about "Suspicious Animal Sightings."

Other sightings were reported in the hamlet of Palisades. One was in a driveway. Two were in a backyard.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation says wild cat sightings often turn out to be a large dog, coyote or bobcat.

Orangetown police are increasing patrols. State park police have installed cameras to snap pictures of passing animals.

These are described as sleek, long-tailed, black felines. They're larger than mid-size dogs.

No regional zoos, veterinarians or residents have reported a missing large cat.

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