Saturday, 29 September 2012

SIGHTING: Is it a big cat... or a big hoax?

Another unusual sight in Linslade has reignited the controversial debate that a big cat is still roaming the area.

The remains of a deer were found up a tree on a horizontal branch that was about four feet from the ground beside the ‘old railway track’ south of the canal bridge across to Linslade.
The deer skeleton was originally discovered by Jessica Mark, 31, of North Street, Leighton, who said: “My partner and myself were out for a walk along the pathway when he noticed a strange smell so we backtracked a few steps, followed our noses, and there it was, the back half of a deer in a tree.”

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  1. It may be worth looking for scat near by if this isn't a hoax.

  2. Looks like the rear end of a deer, hard to tell from this angle but the bone that appears above the tree parallel with it, looks out of place, like its attached wrong.

    Plus the placement of the remains in general looks weird, I don't think it could have stayed up there while being stripped of meat by a large predator.

    I would guess illegal hunting, probably skinned it in the forest, and left behind the larger evidence. This might even explain the missing upper torso and head, since it could be mounted on someones wall right now...