Wednesday, 14 March 2018

NEWSLINK: Leopard scare grips V. Kota residents

Flickr - Carine06 - I can see you.jpgHalf a dozen hamlets close to V. Kota mandal headquarters in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, are in the grip of fear with a leopard reportedly on the prowl since Friday.

As the residents spotted the leopard at three different locations in a span of half a day, there is confusion about the number of big cats in the area.

According to information, some migrant dwellers reached the premises of local Government Junior College at V. Kota close to midnight on Friday to fetch water.


PHOTOS: At dinnertime, mountain lion lurks in the shadows

Mountain lion (Puma concolor) family group (14209025856) (cropped).jpgThe King of the Forest showed up at our door last week.

On a cold, dark and quiet evening, the biggest mountain lion I’ve ever seen, roughly 200 pounds, staked out our home.

In the Bay Area and Northern California, anybody who lives with their house backed up to greenbelt, near parks or in rural areas, has a chance for a similar encounter in the next few months.

It was 6:45 p.m. Sunday when my wife, about half the size of the lion, was putting the final touches on a garlic chicken stir-fry dinner, with her movements visible through a back window. One of our cats, Calvin, an orange fluff-ball of a puddy cat, was tense and edgy, and peered out a window with bright yellow eyes wide, his stare a laser.


PHOTOS: Giant cat with appetite to eat dogs trapped in unique operation in eastern Russia

The hungry feline terrorised a village snatching and eating guard dogs in Aleksey-Nikolskoye, even forcing scared children to miss classes.
The endangered female Amur tigress snatched guard dogs to feed her two cubs.

Her behaviour is new to experts, but is perhaps the result of a rare species in recovery thanks to a crackdown on poaching in the Russian Far East.

Despite this, Siberian - or Amur - tigers are one of the most endangered species on the planet, with only 550 or so animals still surviving in the wild.

This particular cat was regularly stealing dogs from the village of Aleksey-Nikolskoye, some 40 km from Ussuriysk in the Primosrksy region of eastern Russia.

There was a real danger that fearful locals would shoot the rare tigress.

Or that the tigress could attack humans.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

NEWSLINK: Protecting tigers could be beneficial for their prey

Protecting one of Asia's most formidable apex predators may not seem like the most obvious way to help another species that might be on its dinner menu, but that is precisely what Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is doing in Sumatra's Kerinci Seblat National Park, the second-largest national park in Southeast Asia.

In theory, a pangolin would make a handy bite-sized snack for a Sumatran tiger, but in reality, an encounter with a hungry feline is the least of its worries. Thanks to their cloak of tough, overlapping scales, pangolins can protect themselves against even the most determined natural predators by the simple expedient of rolling into a virtually impenetrable ball.


VIDEO: Zoo Keeper Mauled And Eaten Alive By Tiger He Raised

DAK Panthera tigris 02.JPGA man has been mauled to death by a 'usually quite docile' tiger at a zoo in Fuzhou City in China, after it bit him and suffocated him to death.

The Chinese zoo handler, known only as Mr Wu, had raised the tiger since it was just a cub. He was inside a big metal cage - formerly a circus performance area but now used only for training and exercise - on Sunday.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

NEWSLINK: Tipeshwar emerging a tiger haven

Tigergebiss.jpgThe Kawal Tiger Reserve in erstwhile combined Adilabad district no longer seems to be the “promised land” for tigers. The recent wild animal survey has revealed that it is a tiger-less park and the kind of disturbance to environment being noticed there will only ensure the big cats stay away or quickly return to where they came from at best, according to wildlife experts.

A comparison of the situation at KTR with the tiny Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary located about 30 km away from Adilabad town on the NH 44 in Yavatmal district of neighbouring Maharashtra makes it look much worse than it perhaps actually is.


NEWSLINK: Tiger deaths: Lab reports confirm big cats not poisoned

Male Tiger Ranthambhore.jpgThe lab reports from Bengaluru have confirmed that the unnatural deaths of two tigers and an elephant in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve (BTR) were not due to poisoning.The two laboratories submitted their reports on the animal deaths which took place on January 25 to the BTR management.BTR director Ambadi Madhav told TOI that the viscera samples of all the three dead animals were sent to three laboratories to find out if they were poisoned.

“As on today, we have received the lab reports from two institutes.

Both the reports are negative for poisoning,” he said.“We have received reports from the Forensic Lab, Madivala, and Veterinary Science Lab in Bengaluru.

We are waiting for the third report.