Monday, 17 June 2019

SIGHTINGS, UK: Multiple big cat sightings in Hatherleigh

A number of people have reported seeing a ‘black panther’ sized cat on the outskirts of Hatherleigh.

The reports come after a string of sightings across the South West earlier this year. Residents have reported seeing a large cat in multiple locations in Hatherleigh and the surrounding areas. Clare Louise Ellerton was walking along Runnon Moor Lane when a large black cat ‘the size of a Labrador’ was seen running towards nearby woodland last week.

“As I was driving to take my dogs for a walk along the cycle path it ran out in front of our car,” said Clare. “It ran into the woody area at the side of Moor View, it was definitely not a dog, it was very sleek and long. I stopped some people who were also walking towards us who saw it too. The other people said that they watched it run into the woods.”

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UK: Big cat expert claims five confirmed sightings of pumas in UK with breeding population of 250 across country

A wildcat expert revealed there have been five confirmed sightings of pumas in the UK and warned a population of around 250 are breeding across the country.

Rick Minter, Britain's leading big cat tracker, said he has seen "conclusive" videos of the animals amid estimates that hundreds have made the UK their home.

Commenting on the rush of sightings this year, former countryside government adviser Minter says he regularly receives reports of the American mountain lions and black panthers.

He told Daily Star Online: “Some snippets of big cats have been caught on trail cameras or camera traps. Several of these are shown at my talks.

“There was one farmer coming away from a meeting and he showed it on his mobile phone.

Absolutely 10 out of 10 quality video footage of a puma on his land.

We came back jaw-dropping… but he was keeping it quiet and to himself.”

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PHOTOS: Tigress gives birth to three cubs at Panna

Panna Tiger Reserve is welcoming new tiger cubs in its jungle areas after starting the rehabilitation project. About one month back, a tigress had given birth to three cubs which increased the number of tigers at Panna from 42 to 45. Talking about the birth of cubs, Panna officials said that they are worried about the tigress and three cubs as there is no radio collar on their neck. They said that though patrolling guard and field staff have been deployed to ensure safety of the big cats but due to lack of radio collar their lives are in danger. The tigress with the three cubs are in buffer zone for a month but Forest Department failed to click photographs of the big cats.

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NEWSLINK: Tiger kills one in Brahmapuri forest in Chandrapur district

A tiger claimed one more life in Brahmapuri forest in Chandrapur district on Friday evening. Ashok Janglu Chaudhary, 53, a forest labourer was attacked when he was returning to Gunjewahi village near Sindewahi town.

“He was a fire-watcher in Gunjewahi beat and was returning after finishing the days work. He was found dead along the way. We suspect it to be a tiger attack,” Deputy Conservator of Forest Kulraj Singh said.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

NEWSLINK: Injured tiger found dead at Rajasthan's Sariska Tiger Reserve, officials deny overdose of tranquilliser

A tiger died in the Sariska Tiger Reserve on Saturday, June 8 after being tranquillised during the course of ongoing treatment. The tiger had allegedly been injured and was being treated for the same. The tiger was identified as ST-16.

The incident came to light after the forest officials observed that the tiger had not moved for a long time. When the officials reached there, it was discovered that the tiger had passed away.

The tiger had suffered an injury on its right elbow. The officials had allegedly administered treatment to the tiger and had released it into the forest. According to ANI, the officials denied that the overdose of tranquilisers could have caused the death of the tiger.
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NEWSLINK: Year later, another big cat caught on cam at Sahyadri Tiger Reserve

A year after it recorded the first sighting of a tiger in the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR) in eight years, the forest department has caught another big cat of the habitat on camera.

"A camera trap in the Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary has captured a male tiger in the first week of May. This is a young male," Satyajeet Gujar, chief conservator of forests (CCF) at the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve said.

The reserve, which covers the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and Chandoli National Park, suffers from lack of breeding, resident tigers, and a poor prey base.

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NEWSLINK: After Losing 1 Leopard Every Day Last Year, India Has Already Lost 218 Leopards 4 Months Into 2019

In the first four months of 2019, India lost 218 leopards, which is more than 40% of the previous year’s total leopard death toll. According to data kept by the nonprofit Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI), 500 leopards died in 2018.

According to data compiled by the WPSI, at least one leopard died every day in 2018 - beaten or shot to death, run over by trains, or trapped in wells or other water bodies. 

Poaching has been the leading cause of death in 2019, claiming 57 leopards between January and April.