Sunday, 10 December 2017

VIDEO: Chinese man loses fingers while trying to feed tiger with bare hands

Tigergebiss.jpgPeople have been warned not to pet or feed wild animals at every zoo or circus, but it seems they never learn. An elderly man in China paid a heavy price after he tried to feed a caged tiger. In a painful video that’s gone viral from China’s Henan county, a circus tiger bit into a man’s hand when he put it inside the cage to feed the big cat.

The footage shows the man trying to feed not one but two tigers locked in the separate enclosures. As one moves away, the other hungry cat grabs his hand and keeps munching it even as one of the onlookers pokes the wild feline with big sticks to try and save the man.


Thursday, 30 November 2017

NEWSLINK: Feds to investigate escape of tiger found prowling metro on Georgia interstate

Panthera tigris -Franklin Park Zoo, Massachusetts, USA-8a (2).jpgFederal authorities will investigate whether charges should be filed against an entertainment company and the owner of an escaped circus tiger found wandering the interstate south of Atlanta.

In an email, Georgia Department of Natural Resources spokesman Mark McKinnon said state officials have handed over the probe to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He said multiple states were involved and USDA oversees wild animal regulations.
The USDA will look at whether charges should be filed against Feld Entertainment, the owner of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s circus, and big cat trainer Alexander Lacey.


NEWSLINK: Tigress found dead in CTR; 13th big cat fatality this year

Malay tiger.jpgA tigress was found dead in Dhela range of Corbett Tiger Reserve CTR ) on Saturday, taking the total number of big cats in the state which died this year to 13. Forest officials said that the tiger died during a territorial fight and the carcass was buried after the post-mortem. Amit Verma, deputy director of CTR told TOI, "The tigress died of ruptured lungs while fighting for territory"


NEWSLINK: Big cats gain from India-Myanmar warmth

DAK Panthera tigris 02.JPGThe improved strategic relationship between India and Myanmar has a secret benefactor—the tiger. India, which is home to nearly 60 per cent of the world’s tigers in the wild, is set to sign a pact with Myanmar for tiger conservation and checking illegal wildlife trade along the border.

According to government sources, the Ministry of External Affairs has sent an official communiqué regarding this to Myanmar. A team of experts comprising government officials from Myanmar is expected to visit India in January 2018 to discuss the details of the agreement on tiger conservation.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

NEWSLINK: Ringmaster who killed escaped Paris tiger says cage lock was cut

A circus owner who killed a female tiger he raised from a cub said the animal escaped to the streets of Paris after someone “maliciously” cut the lock on her cage.

Eric Bormann, an owner of the Bormann-Moreno circus, fatally shot the 450-pound tiger named Mevy near the Eiffel Tower on Friday. 

Furious animal rights advocates posted gruesome photos of the dead tiger on social media and called for a boycott of circuses using animals.
Bormann, who is also the lion tamer and ringmaster of the circus, told AFP that no animal had previously escaped in the 40 years of the circus because of a security system that uses cages within another enclosure. But one enclosure was open and the lock was cut on another when Mevy escaped, he said.


NEWSLINK: Limpopo police launch search for escaped lion

A lioness aproaching towards us.jpgLimpopo police are searching for a lion that escaped from a trailer outside Tzaneen.

It’s understood that two of the big cats jumped off the trailer on Sunday but one of them was recaptured after it was injured.

The police's Moatshe Ngoepe says a search is underway for the other one.


NEWSLINK: Lion snapped along rural Wainfleet road

African lion female.jpgThe back roads of Wainfleet are the last place one would expect to find a lion. But Saturday, it’s exactly what one resident found while driving down Garringer Road near Willson Road. 

And that person snapped a photo as proof of what they saw and it made its way to Facebook.
“A family member took this photo while coming home from work. This family member does not want to be involved in this, therefore I have brought it to everyone’s attention,” Greg Dawn, a relative who posted the photo, said in a statement.
Since Saturday, the photo has been shared nearly 1,000 times and received hundreds of comments.