Wednesday, 4 July 2018

VIDEO: Big black cat 'five times the size of a feral' spotted west of Sydney

Deep in the heart of bushland west of Sydney, the infamous black panther has once again been spotted prowling the countryside.

Just weeks after the latest sighting of Sydney's greatest urban legend, Blackheath man Steven Muiser filmed the large cat stalking the Coxs River in the Megalong Valley.

"We were on the western side of the river, looking at some development, because we live on the eastern side," he told the TODAY Show.


PHOTO: Mountain Lion Spotted In Santa Clarita Backyard

Mountain lion cougar animal in urban area puma concolor.jpgStacy Berrol, a resident of Valencia, shared a picture on Facebook Sunday morning of a mountain lion in her backyard.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Berrol said. “This beautiful animal was just pacing, he was pawing at the slider. This cat knew something was on the other side of the glass.”


SIGHTING, UK: Mystery ‘big cat’ spotted in Llandaff Fields

A mystery animal has been spotted on Llandaff Fields by a walker who claims it was a big cat “over seven feet long”.

A picture, posted online by the spotter, shows a black figure running across a field in Llandaff.

The man, who did not want to give his name, from Grangetown, was out for a weekend walk when movement in the next field caught his attention.

“I’m sure it was a big cat. I saw it run across a field last week. It was over seven feet long and jet black like a panther,’ he said.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

NEWSLINK: Six new tigers for Satkosia reserve

Panthera tigris amoyensis.jpgSatkosia Tiger Reserve will welcome three pairs of tigers from Madhya Pradesh.

"A strike by forest field staff in Madhya Pradesh is going on. Once it is over, the process of translocation of the six tigers will begin. Initially, we will bring one pair of tigers before bringing the other two pairs in later phases. All the necessary preparations and official formalities have been completed and sanctions from all authorities concerned have been obtained to bring the big cats to Satkosia" said additional chief conservator of forests (Angul circle) Sudarshan Panda.

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SIGHTING, UK: 'Puma' spotted prowling on building site in Shinfield

A man is convinced he saw a big cat prowling around a building site in Shinfield, and is asking people in the area to back him up.

Nathan Laidlaw, of Gloucester Avenue in Shinfield, is convinced he saw an animal that was "long and like a female lion" lurking in the site opposite his home.

He told getreading he was unable to take a picture or video of the beast as he was "completely fixated" by the animal.

He is now adamant he saw a big cat in the area and is asking if anyone else may have seen it at around 11am on the morning of Sunday, May 27.

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

PHOTO: Tigress with 2 cubs sighted in Mendora; patrolling staff on strike

Sighting of tigress T-123 along with two cubs at Mendora jungles kept forest officials on toes as patrolling staff is on strike. Regular patrolling in the area is almost stopped due to which officials are worried about the safety of tigress and cubs. MP Forest Employees Association is on strike for past two weeks due to which patrolling in several areas is stopped. The news of strike has gone viral everywhere and poachers are active in forest areas. Sources said poachers are active in Samardha range of forest where peacocks are available in large number.


NEWSLINK: Crafty cougar caught, collared

There’s a new member of the local mountain lion population that’s being studied by the National Park Service.

P-54 became the 15th cougar fitted with a GPS collar when she was captured on Feb. 27 near the Pepperdine University campus in Malibu.