Friday, 22 May 2020

CARL WRITES: Big Cat spotted near decapitated body of lamb near Exeter

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I will just be forthright concerning the pictures taken near Tedburn St Mary: They are of a black dog (and not the spectral kind). This is most clear in the first photo, which clearly shows an enthusiastic dog, running, tail up, ears back, tongue probably hanging out, likely chasing something. The second picture is more vague, and this might account for the media’s interest, but it still shows a form more canine than feline. 100% a dog.

CARL WRITES: Is there [another] big cat on the loose in Helensburgh

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Arguably, the most famous alleged case of a big cat from Helensburgh (Argyll and Bute, Scotland) occurred in July 2009, when MoD Police dog handler Chris Swallow, reported seeing a large black cat close to the West Highland railway line, near his home. Unfortunately it was nothing of the sort! But, as is often the case with ABC reports, once a story makes headlines, that’s it, it become set in stone, especially when the witness is obviously credible and very unlikely to have created a hoax. However, what Mr Swallow observed was, without doubt, a black domestic cat. It just so happened that from his observation point, which was positioned in such a way that made the tracks seem considerably closer together than they actually are; thus making the cat in question look larger. This can be conclusively proven if one watches the entire unedited video, which, as the frame pans out, more of the track farther along the line is revealed, which then veers round to the right, lining up perfectly now with the observer and showing the actual width of the track, and correcting the illusion. Unfortunately the cat doesn’t continue along the line to this point. Mr Swallow, by focusing on framing the animal with his camera, would likely have not noticed this at the time. There is unfortunately little unanimity among ABC researchers. And we must do a better job of separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’ if we are ever going to make better sense of the British phenomenon. The recent case published on May 9th seems genuine enough, in the sense the location of the sighting (Helensburgh Golf Club’s course) is the kind of place where wildlife and man do come into contact, and during the covid 19 lockdown, who is to say these animals haven’t been making the most of our absence, in fact, they likely have! Here we have two eyewitnesses, a man and his wife (both unnamed), observing an animal at a distance close enough to be identifiable. With that being said, one must also consider whether the couple had been influenced by the erroneous, but nonetheless well known, 2009 report. There have been other reports made from Helensburgh, other than the two examples mentioned here; even a few observations of faun coloured big cats believed to be pumas. So who knows. Unfortunately, again, we don’t have much to work with. We must therefore remain cautious, but not overcautious.

CARL WRITES: Pucklechurch Big Cat

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This is quite an interesting report for two reasons. Firstly, Linda Elliot didn’t see any ears on the black animal she observed, which might actually be considered as positive evidence. At face value this helps eliminate dogs, foxes, and domestic cats, most of which have pronounced, pointed ears, especially foxes and domestic cats. Also, in my opinion, 150 yards would likely be close enough to establish whether one is looking at an animal the size of a domestic cat or a leopard. The second encounter, observed under different conditions, showed that the animal likely wasn’t black at all, and in fact was probably dark brown; therefore possibly a puma. The witness said she didn't notice a tail. Of course, if the cat really didn’t have a tail (or much of one), and it wasn’t just a case of the tail not being easily observable at the time, then a large lynx seems most likely. Evidence for lynx in Britain is becoming more robust, although, the lack of obvious ears reported here would indicate this was a puma. It is already being claimed that this was a big cat hybrid. I’m not going to get into the improbability of this theory here, other than to clearly state that the chances of this occurring regularly in the UK are, at best, negligible. The so called big cat pictured in the article, which was photographed last year, is obviously nothing more than a faun coloured dog.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

NEWSLINK: Three-year-old leopard rescued from well

Quick thinking by locals from Pimpalgaon as well the Junnar Forest division helped save the life of a three-year-old female leopard, which had fallen in a well on Sunday morning. 

According to forest department officials, it was early on Sunday a local farmer Kisan Khandagale alerted them about a leopard fallen in the well. Even as the forest officials rushed to the spot they found the leopard frantically swimming in the well.

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NEWSLINK: Woman attacks cougar while trying to save dog

A woman came face-to-face with a cougar after the big cat attacked a small dog during an outing at the Nanaimo River.

The hair-raising encounter happened the evening of Saturday, May 9 on private forest property on a crossing known as Jump Bridge just north of South Forks Rd.

Jenny Albright responded with force after the young cougar mauled her friend’s chihuahua while they were day-camping with their children.

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PHOTOS: Orono family snaps pics of big cats visiting their yard

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, and Lori Lommler Beazley's daughter, Greta, was playing out in the yard when the little lady had an up-close-and-personal encounter with a couple of not-so-average big kitties.

"My 7-yr-old daughter was out in the garden and she said that two of them walked by her (sounds like they were maybe 15 feet away from her). She bolted into the house saying 'Mama! Did you see how close those animals came to me?' I asked what kind of animals and she ran to the window and I saw one of them sauntering into the woods next to our house," Lori explained.


VIDEO: Leopard attacks man in Hyderabad, spine-chilling moment captured on CCTV

Terrifying visuals of a leopard pouncing on a truck cleaner near Katedan on the outskirts of Hyderabad surfaced on Saturday.

Two days after the leopard was seen resting in the middle of a road, the CCTV visuals of its attack on a lorry cleaner have emerged. In the same video clip, the feline is also seen facing the charge from a pack of dogs.