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... Arvind Wadhonkar said, “Our intention was not to glorify Khans for shooting tigress but to mourn the death of 13 people mauled by the big cat.

The big cat will now be rehabilitated in a range in central India. ... India has most of the world's tigers: 2,967 in the wild, with the highest numbers in ...

NEWSLINK: Tiger to be brought to Satpura Tiger Reserve from Bandhavgarh

There are plans to bring a tiger shortly from Bandhavgarh to STR (Satpura Tiger Reserve). A tiger is coming from Bandhavgarh. STR has started preparations to bring him here.

Big cat will be kept in an enclosure initially: The big cat is likely to reach Satpura in the last week of November. He will initially be kept in an enclosure so that he can adapt to the conditions here. After this, he will be released in the forest. STR management has started preparations for bringing the tiger.

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NEWSLINK: Big cat spooks dogs, owner

It seems the big cats are everywhere right now.

There have been a few cougar sightings in the Valley recently with two in Armstrong within the last week.

Alina Jennifer McDougall spotted a cougar near the Tolko mill in Spallumcheen.

“I live across from Tolko so was on my way to Vernon at midnight to pick my boyfriend up from work and there was an enormous cougar standing in the ditch just staring at my car waiting to cross the road, this was exactly halfway between the turn off to Westridge Rock Quarry and the wood Spallumcheen sign,” said McDougall. “He headed east up the mountain after crossing the road behind my car.”

The encounter got the North Okanagan woman wondering about an incident a week earlier.

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SIGHTINGS? UK: Many UK residents have been attacked by large cats say police

Most people in the UK have seen or know of someone who has seen a large cat wandering our fields and woodlands for well over four decades now. Around 17000 reports were made in Staffordshire alone between 2010 and 2018. Lately you can stick a pin in the map and there will be a report of one or many large cats roaming the area. From the Surrey Puma to the Beast of Skerry they come in all colours and are usually described as "larger than a large dog" So your average Brit would not be too surprised to hear of a large cat report close to home, what may surprise them is the number of reported attacks on humans or humans out walking with their dogs. Listed are some of those reports in the witnesses own words. I have added the original sources for each story so you can view the many images provided.

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NEWSLINK: The tiger next door: America’s backyard big cats

It was the sort of headline impossible to scroll past: “Pot Smokers Find Caged Tiger in Abandoned Houston House, Weren’t Hallucinating: Police.” Last February, a group of people had snuck into a deserted house in Texas’s largest city to smoke marijuana when they stumbled upon a full-grown tiger in a cage – a cage secured by just a nylon strap and a screwdriver. Sergeant Jason Alderete of Houston Police Department’s animal cruelty unit, later told a local TV station: “It wasn’t the effects of the drugs. There was an actual tiger!” The animal was given a name, Loki, and sent to an animal sanctuary in the country, run by the Humane Society of the United States. You’d be forgiven for thinking Loki’s experience was an isolated incident – it isn’t.

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NEWSLINK: Real-life Sphinx found? Egypt archaeologists probe ‘strange lion-like’ creature

Egypt archaeologists are currently probing a “very strange animal,” which might be “a lion or lioness,” Minister of Antiquities Dr Khaled El-Enany told Express.co.uk in an exclusive interview.

The ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, with penalties for injuring or killing the feline animals and around 3,000BC, they worshipped a Cat Goddess, often represented as half feline, half woman, whom they called Bastet. The most famous of these mythical creatures is the Great Sphinx of Giza – this limestone statue, with the body of a lion and head of a human, can be found on the Giza Plateau protecting the pharaoh Khufu in his colossal pyramid behind. However, it may have been more than just an ancient ruler’s mind running wild after revolutionary technology was used on a bombshell find, Dr El-Enany told Express.co.uk.

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