Sunday, 21 May 2017

PHOTO: “Black panther" captured on TX game camera? (via Richard West)

“Black panther” reports are common in the American South.

Accounts of mysterious black cats crossing the road in front of motorists or seen by hunters are frequent but rarely backed up by photography.

In my 25 years of wildlife journalism I have learned most people assume the animals they are seeing are black (melanistic) cougars. The problem is cougars do not produce melanistic offspring and there has never in history been one documented by science.

So, what are people seeing?


NEWSLINK: Lions, Clouded Leopards Face Same Threats As Extinct Ice Age Relatives, Study Shows

The lion and the Sunda clouded leopard are facing the same threats that led to the extinction of several big cats during the Ice Age, researchers say.

These two big cats are most at risk from extinction because of a lack of food, according to a new study published in the journal Ecography.

The study, conducted by scientists in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and the United States, first analyzed whether the loss of prey was a cause of extinction in seven big cats, including four types of saber-toothed cats, the cave and American lions as well as the American cheetah. The research team discovered that if these animals were alive today, a majority of their preferred prey would be gone.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

PHOTO: Camera captures image of big cat in Jones Chapel

A wildlife camera on private hunting land in west Cullman County captured an image of what appears to be some type of large predatory cat.

The 705-acre property, known to many as the old James Tucker land near Crooked Creek in Jones Chapel, is being leased for deer hunting and has wildlife cameras set up in various areas, said Cullman resident Greg Donnelly, who provided the photograph from one of his cameras.

"I have bobcats on camera, so I'm familiar with their appearance," Donnelly said. "We were thinking this one resembles a mountain lion by its size. Some other people say it looks like a lynx."


NEWSLINK: Puma is 'purr-fect' friend for shy panther

On Bank Holiday Monday, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park introduced Zuri, a melanistic leopard (black panther), and Nigel, a puma, to the sanctuary.

Zuri and three-year-old Nigel are living in an enclosure which has undergone a £10,000 refurbishment.

Visitors can get up to 39 milimetres away from the big cats and admire them through glass.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

NEWSLINK: Scientists Discovered Three New Sub-Species Of Snow Leopard

Panthera uncia aka the snow leopard is considered as the monotypic species on Earth, but in a recent study, scientists have three new sub-species with the same genus. The large big cat family is known to inhabit across 12 countries in Asia covering almost 1.6 million square-kilometer.

A research team from Duquesne University started studying on the poop of snow leopard from different wildlife trails and marking sites. In the Journal of Heredity, researchers published that they have found three primary genetic clusters which were differentiated by geographical location. For the first time in history, scientists made a genetic analysis of wild snow leopard population.


ARTICLE: African Lions Are Facing The Extinction Threats As The Prey Of These Big Cats Are Declining Rapidly

A recent analysis has discovered that the African lions and also the Sunda clouded leopard are facing the risk of extinction. Lack of food is the key cause behind this situation.

Previously, seven big cats that include the sabre-toothed tigers also went extinct due to the loss of prey or shortage of food. According to BBC News, scientists reveal that this extinction took place towards the end of the last Ice Age. Shockingly the trend still exists that now threatens a number of existing big cats, the Sunda clouded leopard, and the African lions.


VIDEO: Large 'cat' spotted in Cullman County

One man is wondering what type of large animal is roaming the woods of his Cullman County hunting camp.

"I was flipping through the pictures and we had pictures of deer, and of course crow, and raccoons. And I went through the slides and I hit the big cat, and I went whoa," said Greg Donnelly.

Donnelly was going back through clips from his game camera when he spotted the predator.