Thursday, 26 March 2020

PHOTOS: Rare black leopard caught on camera

The footage was captured by a member of the public on their way to work on 24 February in the Gauteng Province and was shared with the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation.
The foundation posted the video on its Facebook page and explained just how elusive the species tends to be.
It said: "It's the stuff that urban legends and folklore get built around. A phantom, an illusion, a shadow so rare that most people believe they don't actually exist.
"Fewer than 35 sightings of wild black leopards have ever been scientifically documented in South Africa in over half a century; and clear pictures or video evidence are virtually non-existent - most people having spotted these elusive phantoms crossing a road or disappearing into the bush without the chance to take a picture."
The leopard - which is also referred to as a black panther - derives its dark coat from melanism, the opposite of albinism. While albinism causes whiteness due to a lack of pigmentation, the genetic variation melanism results in an excess of dark pigmentation.

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FUNNY: ' Lion' wandering in Spanish town turns out to be dog with unusual haircut

Authorities in the Spanish area of Molina de Segura received many reports of lion sightings last weekend.

Police searched the area and were unable to locate a big cat, although they did turn up another lead.

It turns out the lion was actually a large dog, with a rather unique haircut.


Wednesday, 25 March 2020

SIGHTING? UK: Beast of Burford' feared dead after A34 sighting

There are fears the fabled 'Beast of Burford' may be no more after a driver saw a 'puma-sized cat' dead on the side of the A34.

Olli Astley got in touch with the Oxford Mail to say on Thursday at around 4.30pm he was heading southbound on the A34, near Kidlington, when he spotted the creature on the central reservation.

He described it as a 'puma/lynx-sized cat' which was 'black or dark brown'.

Mr Astley, who was with his 16-year-old daughter, added: "We haven't contacted the council but it had been removed overnight and by 8.15am this morning (Friday) as we went to take a picture.

He said he was 'sure' the animal was a cat due to its features but was far bigger than a normal pet feline.

The 47-year-old's description of the big cat is the latest in a long line of people going back to the 1990s to see what they swear is a big cat in west and north Oxfordshire.

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NEWSLINK: Woman keeps nine-month-old puma as a pet

Dogs may be man's best friend, but this brave pet owner has chosen to adopt a dangerous predator as her new companion.

Natalia Korotova, 33, from Perm Krai in Russia, is the proud owner of London, a nine-month-old puma.

Footage captured by Natalia shows the big cat behaving almost like a dog around the house and in the car.

Despite being not much old than a kitten, London is already incredibly large and a big presence in her home - though it was scared of her tiny Pomeranian when it first moved in.

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VIDEO: Colorado deputy escapes jaws of mountain lion

A witness captured the terrifying moment when a deputy escaped the jaws of a mountain lion in Colorado.

When a group of officers arrived at a neighborhood in Loveland, Colorado -- after a call of a mountain lion attack -- they tried to contain the big cat.

But instead, it attacked a deputy and took her to the ground on Wednesday.

That's when one of the officers kicked the wild animal off her, while the other officers shot at it and scared it away. Then, deputies followed the animal to a nearby home where a Colorado Parks & Wildlife game warden shot and killed the mountain lion, a Larimer County Sheriff's Office news release said.

If you feel like you've been hearing a lot about mountain lion attacks in Colorado recently, that's because there's been more than usual.

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SIGHTINGS: Somerset big cat sightings

More sightings of big cats are reportedly being seen in Somerset after one woman claimed she saw one "as large as an Alsatian" run through her garden.
Somerset Live recently spoke to Mrs Bond, who lives in a housing estate on the outskirts of Paulton, after she discovered a black animal enter and walk through her back garden on Saturday, February 15.

Mrs Bond, who didn't want to give her first name, described the animal as "powerful-looking with long legs", had "short black hair" and was "at least big as a large Alsatian".

Alarmed but intrigued by what she saw, she told her son, Derek Bond, who is now helping her investigate what they claim is a possible big cat sighting.

Since we published the previous article, a number of readers have suggested what Mrs Bond saw may not have been a big cat, but instead a domestic cat.

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VIDEO: Leopard attacking a crowd

Though videos of animals are much liked on social media, while them attacking humans have always giving goosebumps. This time the video which is surfacing on the Internet will shake you up. In the viral video, a leopard can be seen jumping in the air while it attacked two people. Sushanta Nanda, an officer of the Indian Forest Service, shared this video on Twitter.
The horrifying video which was uploaded on March 19, is sure to take you to the edge of your seat. In the video, a leopard can be seen suddenly jumping out from a pit. After coming out, it starts chasing people in the crowd who stood there shocked and surrounding the pit. As soon as it was out, it pounced on a person from behind and tried to suppress it. The big cat then leaves that person and turns around to pounce on two other people. Susanta also expressed his displeasure on Twitter and wrote, "A horrendous rescue. Crowd control is half the problem in man-animal conflicts like this. They had no business to be there.” He also goes on to describe that the leopard acted purely out of natural instinct and was not at fault.