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NEWSLINK: Teacher Meets Bobcat Face-to-Face

Teacher Meets Bobcat Face-to-Face NBC 7 San Diego
He said he didn't move and looked straight into the big cat's eyes. Haas described it as muscular and about two-feet high and four-feet long. “It peered ...
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NEWSLINK: Everything You Need to Know About the Liliger: Part Lion, Part Tiger ...

Everything You Need to Know About the Liliger: Part Lion, Part Tiger ... E! Online
Everything You Need to Know About the Liliger: Part Lion, Part Tiger and Very Controversial in the Big Cat World. by John Boone Today 9:42 AM PST.
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UK SIGHTINGS: Big cats are out there: Fresh sightings in Gloucestershire

Big cats are out there: Fresh sightings in Gloucestershire Gloucestershire Echo
Following two sightings of a large black cat near the town earlier this month, more people have come forward to say they have seen what looked like a ...
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CANADA SIGHTINGS: Despite online claims, don't expect to see any cougars around here

KINGSTON - One morning late last month, with her two dogs on edge and barking incessantly, Jen MacPherson peered out her kitchen window at the two large cats walking warily across the frozen ground outside her home in Sydenham.
From five metres away, she snapped a few photos of what she believed to be cougars, in town, in broad daylight.
“They were much, much bigger than any house cat, more like a fair-sized dog,” she recalled two weeks later. “They looked big enough to be cougars.”
MacPherson reported her account to the OPP and Ministry of Natural Resources. She also contacted officials at nearby Loughborough Public School, where two of her children attend.
School principal Helen Peterson wasn’t taking any chances on the exact identity of the four-legged trespassers.
“We kept the kids in the school, which is the normal response to such situations,” she said, adding that a letter was also sent home with each student, informing parents.
The cougars — if verified it stood to be the first of its kind in the surrounding north country — represented the latest in more than a dozen reported sightings of the cunning carnivore in eastern Ontario this year alone.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

UK SIGHTING - Will DNA tests solve the mystery of Gloucestershire big cat sightings?

It began with dark mutterings in the local pub, that a strange beast might be stalking the woods around the little village of Woodchester, savaging the local wildlife and frightening local dog walkersNow, even the National Trust is suspicious and experts are carrying out DNA tests on the carcasses of two roe deer found mutilated in the Gloucestershire countryside.A local walker discovered the second carcass in the National Trust’s Woodchester Park, near Stroud, on Wednesday last week. Experts from the University of Warwick were called in on Friday to take DNA samples from the two carcasses, the first of which was found near the village of Dursley.READ MORE

NEW ZEALAND SIGHTING - 'Panther' sighting near Fairlie

Mid-Canterbury's elusive black panther may have moved south. Last week a delivery driver spotted what he described as a large cat-like animal feeding on road kill just outside the Fairlie township in the early hours of the morning.

The description was remarkably similar to reports in a number of sightings of the panther-like animal in Mid Canterbury roughly the size of a labrador dog, with round head and a distinctive long tail. Such sightings began trickling in 1992 when the animal was spotted at the Ashburton River mouth.

But the legend really took flight this century when Marcus Ewart and David Tutton reported seeing a large, black panther-like cat near Alford Forest; two years later the cat appeared again, this time witnessed by Peter and Toni May in the Ashburton Gorge.

A month later, in October 2003, truck driver Chad Stewart was startled by a huge black cat in the Mayfield foothills. The same month the cat appeared again, this time near the Fairton meat works. READ MORE

AUSTRALIA SIGHTINGS: Baillieu govt sinks claws into big cat mystery

Decades of shadowy sightings, grisly livestock kills and mysterious paw prints are being scrutinised as scientists sink their claws into verifying the existence of Victorian big cats.
But rather than scouring bushland for the fearsome beasts armed with traps and nets, they'll be working from the safety of state government offices.

Victorian Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh says Department of Primary Industries and Department of Sustainability and Environment officers will spend months reviewing sightings, photos, reports and other evidence submitted over the years to determine whether the elusive creatures exist.
"We're not going out in pith hats beating the bushes," Mr Walsh said. "This is about actually doing the analytical work on all the information that's there."

Deputy Premier Peter Ryan pledged before the 2010 election a coalition government would investigate big cat sightings, saying there were "enough credible observations" to justify a report.
Mr Walsh can't say how much the exercise will cost taxpayers or how many staff it will involve but says it won't take any extra cash from the state's kitty and is being funded "within existing resources"READ MORE

UK SIGHTINGS: Hunt for mystery cat after new sighting

IF you go down to the woods today in Tunbridge Wells you might not be sure of a big surprise – but you never know. It’s not teddy bears you need to worry about in the depths of Knights Park Woods, but a puma. Following the Courier’s report last week of a sighting of the wild cat by two local women, there was a fresh report last Thursday.

Arthur O’Hara, of Birchett Avenue, Langton Green, was driving in Knights Park, heading towards Longfield Road, at about 2pm. The animal, also known as a mountain lion, ran in front of his car. He said: “It was large and cat-like, but much bigger than a domestic cat. It came out of the woods on my left and dashed into the woods on the right.

“Its colour was lighter than a fox and its tail was definitely not bushy like a fox. It was long. There was no question of it being any kind of dog.” With a further report of a sighting of a puma near St Paul’s Church, Rusthall, a few weeks ago, it was time for me to investigate. Primed by Kent’s big cat expert Neil Arnold about tell-tale signs of the puma, I headed off to the woods at Knights Park.

I was looking for scratch marks high up tree trunks, paw prints but without claw marks, stools possibly containing remnants of fur or feathers and an unnerving call. “Imagine a miaow but absolutely terrifying. I can imagine you running!” he warned me. And rather alarmingly too, Mr Arnold advised me to look high up into the trees. “That’s the last place people look. There are large trees in those woods, which something like a puma would like to be up,” he said.READ MORE



INDU -10 YEAR OLD ASIATIC LIONESS  was treated for a 4 inch canine and permolar extraction performed by DR KERTESZ -one of the worlds leadin...

NEWSLINK: Mystery Cats - New Cat Species Realized For Brazil

The tigrina is actually two separate species, say researchers in a new report. Photograph by Tadeu Oliveira
Hybridization among animal species has recently become more recognized as an important phenomenon, especially in the context of recent radiations. Here we show that complex hybridization has led to contrasting patterns of genomic composition among closely related species of the Neotropical cat genus Leopardus. We show strong evidence of ancient hybridization and introgression between the pampas cat (L. colocolo) and northeastern populations of tigrina (L. tigrinus), leading to remarkable cytonuclear discordance in the latter. In contrast, southern tigrina populations show recent and continuing hybridization with Geoffroy’s cat (L. geoffroyi), leading to extreme levels of interspecific admixture at their contact zone. Finally, we demonstrate that two seemingly continuous Brazilian tigrina populations show no evidence of ongoing gene flow between them, leading us to support their formal recognition as distinct species, namely L. tigrinus in the northeast and L. guttulus in the south. Current Biology
News of new felid species in South America appears to be finally coming to the fore. Rumors of a new type of jaguar and other new cats may be in the wings, but, today, it was announced progress has been made in observations of a new smaller spotted cat.n summary, genetic biologists have discovered that the two populations of tigrina previously thought to be one species do not, in fact, interbreed and thus are distinct, according to results published today in Current Biology.
“So much is still unknown about the natural world, even in groups that are supposed to be well-characterized, such as cats. In fact, there are many basic aspects that we still don’t know about wild cats, from their precise geographic distribution and their diets,” said the study’s lead author, Eduardo Eizirik of Pontif√≠cia Universidade Cat√≥lica do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.
Eizirik’s results have implications for conservation efforts—particularly laws about poaching and the designation of national parkland. Such measures are often focused on individual species.
Recognizing the northeastern tigrina as distinct means that biologists will have to assess its conservation status and determine what steps need to be taken so that both species of tigrina can be adequately protected…
Eizirik and colleagues obtained DNA samples from a total of 216 different Leopardus cats across their ranges. Analysis of the DNA sequences found in the mitochondria, the cell’s power plant, revealed ancient interbreeding between the Pampas cat and the northeastern tigrina.
Since an individual only inherits mitochondrial DNA from its mother, researchers could peer into the ancient history of these two felines, and found that they mated together frequently before the two cats split into separate species.
Although the Geoffroy’s cat and the southern tigrina divided into separate species over a million years ago, they began to mate together in the more recent past in the areas of southern Brazil and Bolivia where their habitats overlap. While the two cats interbreed regularly at this contact zone, the mating doesn’t extend to farther areas and the two species remain distinct….
When Eizirik and colleagues analyzed the genetics of the two different tigrina populations, however, they were surprised to learn that genes did not appear to be moving between the northeastern and southern tigrinas.
“This observation implies that these tigrina populations are not interbreeding, which led us to recognize them as distinct species,” Eizirik says. The researchers have suggested that the northeastern tigrina retain its current name of L. tigrinus, while dubbing the southern tigrina L. guttulus.
“Very little was—and still is—known about this species,” says Eizirik. “There have been some initial studies on its diet, but still most of its basic biology remains poorly known, including density, habitat use, and population trends.” Nat Geo.

Friday, 27 December 2013

US SIGHTINGS: Mountain lion spotted near grocery store in Lemon Grove

Mountain lion spotted near grocery store in Lemon Grove 10News
A passing driver spotted the big cat near a warehouse-style grocery store in the 7400 block of Broadway in Lemon Grove about 7:30 a.m., sheriff's Sgt.
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NEWSLINK: Unraveling the secrets of one of the world's most mysterious big cats

Unraveling the secrets of one of the world's most mysterious big cats
Only declared a separate species from its mainland cousin, the Borneo clouded leopard, in 2006, the IUCN lists the cat as Endangered. The distinction ...
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NEWSLINK: Mumbaikars & their big cat neighbours share screen space

Mumbaikars & their big cat neighbours share screen space Indian Express
The mystery of leopards' co-existence with humans in a densely populated city like Mumbai has caught the fancy of National Geographic's wildlife ...
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NEWSLINK: Leopard safari at Borivli society as big cat makes itself at home

Leopard safari at Borivli society as big cat makes itself at home Times of India
MUMBAI: Another leopard seems to have made an out-of-use factory shed in an upmarket Borivli locality its favourite sunbathing spot. Residents of ...
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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

NEWSLINK: 3 cubs spotted in Ranthambore tiger reserve | Big Cat Rescue

3 cubs spotted in Ranthambore tiger reserve | Big Cat Rescue
JAIPUR: Spotting of three cubs comes as good news for the Ranthambore tiger reserve. At least three cubs were reportedly seen in the Khandar range ...

US SIGHTINGS: Don't judge a cat by its cover, at least not from a mile away

Don't judge a cat by its cover, at least not from a mile away McCook Daily Gazette
"That would have to be one heck of a big cat, think about how far away that tree is," I replied, thinking it was likely one of the healthy-sized raccoons I ...
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UK SIGHTINGS: The beast of Acton Bridge

The beast of Acton Bridge Northwich Guardian
A reader alerted the Guardian to sightings of a black, big cat-like creature ... "We do have lots of black cats though if anyone wants to adopt one!”.
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

CANADA SIGHTINGS: Wildlife officer who killed cougars 'made the right decision'

Wildlife officer who killed cougars 'made the right decision' Vancouver Sun
Dave Dickson, a provincial Fish and Wildlife officer, shot the big cats on ... the young cougar, he offered to retrieve the pet and saw a second big cat.
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NEWSLINK: Of sighs and sightings on big cat trail

Of sighs and sightings on big cat trail Deccan Herald
And it was exactly that for Raghavendra, lecturer from Sringeri, who, within moments of stepping into the forest, spotted the big cat for the very first time ...
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UK SIGHTINGS: Could this be proof of big cats in Gloucestershire?

Could this be proof of big cats in Gloucestershire? Gloucester Citizen
COULD this be another step on a big cat tracker's quest to prove their existence in Gloucestershire? Frank Tunbridge believes the footage he has ...
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NEWSLINK: Lions, tigers and heirs! Trio of America's first 'liligers' are born after ...

Lions, tigers and heirs! Trio of America's first 'liligers' are born after ... Daily Mail
Trio of America's first 'liligers' are born after big cat cross-breeding at Oklahoma zoo. Trio were born to male lion and female liger at GW Interactive Zoo ...
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NEWSLINK: Pet survivor of the year

One year  life - old ROBBIE - a former stray from CROYDON,SOUTH LONDON-suffered life threatening injuries -severe burns on his face ,head,paws.6 months of skin grafts ,surgery has lead to a fine recovery and a new owner .He gained the  PDSA PET SURVIVOR OF THE YEAR.

Read on...

Monday, 23 December 2013

NEWSLINK: Green hope for Maharashtra's big cats - Mid Day

Green hope for Maharashtra's big cats - Mid Day
Chandoli has been declared as part of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, thereby opening up an entire corridor to allow the big cat to move freely across this ...

NEWSLINK: Video of Snow Leopards in India | Wild Cats - Big Cats, Small Wild ...

Video of Snow Leopards in India | Wild Cats - Big Cats, Small Wild ...
From the Snow Leopard Trust - a video of a snow leopard mother and her grown cubs in Himashal Pradesh, India.

NEWSLINK: Candid Camera (Trap): The World's Rarest Big Cat

Candid Camera (Trap): The World's Rarest Big Cat Scientific American (blog)
“The Amur or Far Eastern leopard, Panthera pardus orientalis, is the world's most endangered big cat, and the only one known to be adapted to the ...
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NEWSLINK: Kerala dog trainer takes up taming wild cats in UAE

Kerala dog trainer takes up taming wild cats in UAE Newstrack India
Chris Wolf, who is planning to open a Big Cat training and boarding centre in Dubai, has been tasked with the job of taming wild pets as he has been ...
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Sunday, 22 December 2013

NEWSLINK: The big cat - Financial Express - The Financial Express

The big cat - Financial Express - The Financial Express
Valmik Thapar compiles the definitive book on the tiger in India, spanning the past 500 years. Here are the author's thoughts on the book, and a selection of ...

AUSTRALIA SIGHTING: Eyewitnesses won't give up on idea of big cat in NSW | Doubtful News

Eyewitnesses won't give up on idea of big cat in NSW | Doubtful News
Your perception and memory are not really that great. Blue Mountains panther spotted again. Weeks after the government declared the Blue Mountains big cat.

AUSTRALIA SIGHTING: Blue Mountains panther spotted again

Blue Mountains panther spotted again Sydney Morning Herald
Weeks after the government declared the Blue Mountains big cat file closed, a Sydney father has spoken of a terrifying encounter with a panther-like creature ...
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UK SIGHTINGS: Gloucestershire big cats - video evidence is the key | Gloucester ...

Gloucestershire big cats - video evidence is the key | Gloucester ...
SIGHTINGS of suspected big cats are coming in at the same steady rate - but crucial video evidence of the creatures' existence continues to elude a leading ...

UK SIGHTINGS: Epping Forest “Big Cat” Sighting Was a Posh Child's Expensive Teddy

Epping Forest “Big Cat” Sighting Was a Posh Child's Expensive Teddy Gizmodo UK
Sadly, the Epping Forest Big Cat was just a soft toy. A sad soft toy, as it was found by rangers in a pile of rubbish someone had fly-tipped in the park, alongside ...
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Saturday, 21 December 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Mysterious big cats still grab the headlines

MYSTERIOUS animals strike a chord in our psyche and the Highlands has a rich tradition in such sightings. The newspapers last week featured the “beast of Embo”, sighted by sisters after 18 sheep had been killed.
It sent my mind whirring back to 1980 and the celebrated Cannich puma which generated the kind of tabloid frenzy nowadays generated by Jordan’s Hindenburg-like cleavage or Cheryl Cole’s latest lip gloss.
There had been mystery animal sightings in the North a long time previously. The Daily Express reported in 1927 that in rural Inverness-shire sheep and goats had been attacked by an animal a shepherd described as “like a leopard but without spots”. A strange description unless it was the first case of a leopard actually changing his spots. Like the guy telling his mate: “I’ve just spotted a leopard” and his pal replying: “Don’t be daft, they’re born with spots”.

Anyway, The Express reported that traps were set and a creature was caught which was sent to London Zoo where it was identified as a lynx. Later it turned out London Zoo had no record of receiving any such animal. It was the biggest animal tall tale since there were three bears and one married a giraffe. The other two putREAD MORE

UK SIGHTINGS: Mystery over 'Palace Puma' big cat sighting

News Shopper: 'Palace Puma' big cat spotted in Crystal Palace woodlandA PUMA or panther is on the prowl in Crystal Palace according to a journalist who spotted a big cat there on Saturday.

The beast - dubbed the Palace Puma - was sighted in some woodland by journalist Helen Barrett, 41, who was out for a walk with her family.
They were so terrified that they fled from the “wild animal” - described as black and 5ft in length - after it approached them on a pathway between Church Road and Auckland Hill at 3.45pm.
Mrs Barrett said: “It was quite alarming. READ MORE

UK SIGHTINGS: Police Frenzy in England over Mystery Sighting of Lion

Not the animal seen!

mystery lionPolice helicopters scrambled and teams of hunters are combing the countryside in England to locate a mystery lion reported in the fields of an obscure backwater called Clacton-on-Sea. Locals say the scale of the operation is akin to a mass murderer on the loose. Early reports described a large cat with a mane. One local resident reported a loud roar, while a blurred photograph of a cat published in The Guardian did little to clarify the confusion. The insightful opinion of an expert from a local zoo when interviewed by the BBC was:
…it shows an animal in a field… we cannot say for sure what it is…READ MORE

UK SIGHTINGS: Possible wild cat nr Crowborough - bigcatsinsussex

29th of august around midnight,a vehicle driving past Herons Gyll near Crowborough and 2 witnesses reported to this website seeing what they could only describe as a large wild cat closely resembling a Scottish wild cat. Much larger than a domestic of a tabby colour they described seeing a clubby tail with distinctive black stripes just like a Scottish wild cat however they could make out a white tip on the tail. I have been reliably informed by members of the Scottish wild cat society that numbers of these cats are dangerously dwindling to less than 300 and only in their heartlands of Scotland, this is due, in part, to breeding with domestic in origin cats and it is beyond the realms of possibility for A Scottish wild cat to be wandering around in Sussex but where have we heard that before?! 

 Although it is entirely possible that the witnesses did see an over large domestic on the prowl the sighting is interesting as it`s in an area where exceedingly large wild/feral/cross-bred cats of all sorts of different shapes have been reported over a very long period of time. Multiple witnesses have described seeing cats that in no way could of been able to fit through a standard cat flap. One of the most interesting was near Mayfield in February 2012 when a witness described seeing a cat larger than a fox of a sandy colour with white stripes and a long tail eating what appeared to be a small animal or bird on the ground. I investigated the report at the time and did indeed find some rabbit fur where the witness said they had saw it but not much else. On the way back to the vehicle another witness told me about seeing a similarly described cat only much closer and said it was not like any cat they had seen before and having worked at the cat centre on the Ashdown forest had certainly come across most breeds of cat. Truly feral cats domestic in origin are quite common in Sussex and in certain areas one or two can appear huge, a couple of years ago a trail camera I had set up in a feral hot spot produced clear pictures of a sandy cat with a thick rudder-like tail of the size of a vixen, having blogged the pictures a forestry worker got in contact and said he had a seen a similar sized and looking cat with 2 kittens so a much larger tom cat perhaps would of been around. The species origin of the usually reported to this website READ MORE

UK SIGHTINGS: Mystery of cat sightings deepens

The mystery of big cats on the Mendips deepens as photographs have come to light which show an enormous cat taken at the time of a series of mysterious livestock killings last year. Andrew Highfield, of West Pennard, photographed this big cat last year, but after failing to identify it thought no more of the matter.

However, after seeing reports in the local paper of sightings of a "wild cat", Mr. Highfield decided to share his picture. Andrew said: "I showed the picture to a vet and he said it might be a Russian Blue or a Maine Coon. If you look at the picture, you can compare the cat to my cat – it's much bigger. And this picture was taken from 35 metres away or so!" Mr Highfield had seen the cat a number of times before and after the photograph was taken, often darting between houses at night or wondering into gardens during the day. This wild behaviour led him to believe it was not domesticated.

UK SIGHTINGS: Big Cats Gazetteer

A38 Big Cat (2001)

On Wednesday, 22 August, 2001 the BBC News website published the following article entitled 'Lioness' spotted by motorists’
Motorists at a Somerset petrol station raised the alarm when they spotted a "big cat" in an adjoining field READ MORE

VIDEO: Whiskas Big Cat, Little Cat - Official TV advert, 2013

NEWSLINK: Dentist extracts teeth from Paignton Zoo's Asiatic lion

Indu during the operationAn Asiatic lion at a Devon zoo has had two teeth removed by a dentist who normally treats humans.
Indu had a canine and pre-molar extracted by Dr Peter Kertesz at Paignton Zoo.
The dentist, who has a surgery in London, has worked with pandas, whales and gorillas.

A zoo spokesman said it was believed the female lion had chipped her teeth while biting on something hard and that she was recovering well. 'Serious business' An adult Asiatic lion weighs about 20 stone (130 kg) and has up to 30 teeth, including canines that can be many inches in length, a zoo spokesman added.

Dr Kertesz said: "Animals or people, it's all the same - they need treatment, they get treatment. The scale and the location is what varies. "People ask if this is just a bit of fun, but it is a very serious business. The health and sometimes the life of a rare creature is in your hands.

Read on...

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Secret camera footage by big cat investigator reveals ...

Secret camera footage by big cat investigator reveals ...
IMAGES of big cats have yet to be conclusively captured in the county – but all manner of wildlife in its natural environment is getting up close and ...

US SIGHTINGS: Wildlife chief: Louisiana panther sightings are 'sort of like Bigfoot ...

Wildlife chief: Louisiana panther sightings are 'sort of like Bigfoot ...
MONROE, La. -- Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Robert Barham said he puts black panther sightings in the same category as another ...

NEWSLINK: Vanishing mystery of three-legged Benji, the cat that likes travelling ...

Vanishing mystery of three-legged Benji, the cat that likes travelling ... Huddersfield Examiner
Claire and Steve have had Benji from birth seven years ago, along with his sister, Poppy, and are desperate to have their three-legged cat home in time for ...
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NEWSLINK: Major tiger sanctuary announced for Indonesia

Major tiger sanctuary announced for IndonesiaIndonesia’s forestry department has announced plans for the establishment of a major tiger sanctuary for illegally trapped and captured Sumatran tigers. With just 300 individual tigers left in the wild the new plan will be a major contribution towards helping prevent the extinction of the species.
The tiger sanctuary will be developed in Riau province and will consist of semi-natural land that will be developed to replicate a true tiger habitat. The Forestry Ministry are working with experts from Yogyakarta’s Gadjah Mada University (UGM) to get the tiger sanctuary established and it is hoped to be completed next year.

NEWSLINK: Cat Domestication Traced to Chinese Farmers 5,300 Years Ago

Dec. 16, 2013 — Five-thousand years before it was immortalized in a British nursery rhyme, the cat that caught the rat that ate the malt was doing just fine living alongside farmers in the ancient Chinese village of Quanhucun, a forthcoming study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has confirmed.

"At least three different lines of scientific inquiry allow us to tell a story about cat domestication that is reminiscent of the old 'house that Jack built' nursery rhyme," said study co-author Fiona Marshall, PhD, a professor of archaeology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.

"Our data suggest that cats were attracted to ancient farming villages by small animals, such as rodents that were living on the grain that the farmers grew, ate and stored."

Read more ...

The Mysterious Origins of Cat Domestication in China io9
... villages to feed on rodents, which were stealing farmers' grains. The research shows, for the first time, how the process of cat domestication started.
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Sunday, 15 December 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Mystery of Epping Forest 'big cat' is solved

Mystery of Epping Forest 'big cat' is solved The Independent
Sadly, this 'big cat' was found in a big fly tip, then left in a tree." This isn't the first time fears have been sparked by 'sightings' of big cats in Essex, most ...
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NEWSLINK: Attacks, deaths rampant at wild cat sanctuaries

Attacks, deaths rampant at wild cat sanctuaries Yakima Herald-Republic
The growth in both the number of wild cats as pets and the sanctuaries that ... Since 1990, more than 20 people have been killed by captive big wild cats at ...
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NEWSLINK: Big cat killed

Big cat killed WWLP 22News
The 18-month old cat was found Saturday, about 50 yards off the trail. ... about the Florida Panther shot dead this weekend at Big Cypress National Preserve.
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NEWSLINK: Tiger tamer attacked at circus show

Tiger tamer attacked at circus show New York Daily News
Cellphone footage filmed by an audience member shows the big cat slashing at the ... A circus worker had to strike the big cat with a stick to get it off Gottani.
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NEWSLINK: Virus outbreak that killed 7 big cats appears over

Virus outbreak that killed 7 big cats appears over MyFox Austin
WYLIE, Texas (AP) - A spokeswoman for a North Texas animal sanctuary where seven big cats have died of a virus says the worst of the outbreak appears to be ...
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Saturday, 14 December 2013

NEW ZEALAND SIGHTING: Do Pumas and Black Panthers really roam our Countryside

Once Mr Stewart’s initial shock wore off, he may have recalled a couple of other high profile sightings that had been reported over recent years. Little would he have known however, that these incidents were just the latest in a string of similar sightings which   research has uncovered, span back at least four decades.

What follows is a complete overview of alien (as in foreign) big cat sightings in NZ and abroad. This is a fascinating story that deserves to be told to a largely uninformed public. Several of the following sightings are being reported for the first time and where requested, witnesses’ names have been omitted.

It was January 1962, and after a long and hot day’s work, an orchard worker in the Cromwell Gorge area decided to go out and enjoy the summers evening exploring the nearby countryside in an area since flooded by the Clyde Dam. As he approached a derelict miner’s cottage at the base of a barren hillside, he observed not far up the hill a fawn coloured, cat-like animal that he immediately identified as a puma. Upon being disturbed, the mystery feline quickly scampered off and was lost among the rocks


IRISH SIGHTINGS: Is big cat on the prowl in Co Down?

A black  panther is feared at large in Co DownA black panther has been blamed for mauling and killing sheep on a number of farms across Co Down.
Police and the USPCA have urged vigilance in Dromara following claims of sightings of a "big cat" terrorising livestock.
A PSNI spokeswoman said over recent weeks a number of farmers in the Hill Road, Ballynahinch Road and Mullaghdrin Road areas of Dromara and Hillsborough have reported sheep missing and others bloodied.
Some residents have also claimed to have seen a big cat in the same general area over a similar period of time.
PSNI statistics reveal that there were 23 reports of big cats stalking the countryside between February 2005 and April 2009.
Lisburn DUP councillor Luke Poots said sheep farmers were concerned READ MORE

US SIGHTINGS: 6 MAY/13 7 Large Cat Sighting in Simsbury

Between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m., Sunday, May 5, 2013, my husband and I spotted two large cats in the Mountain Farms neighborhood in West Simsbury. We were talking a walk around our front yard, when movement from the cul-de-sac's common area caught my eye. I looked up to see two large objects running from the street to Ethel Walker woods that butt up against the neighbor's yards.

The first figure slipped off into the brush before I could note anything other than movement, but I pointed to the second one, and my husband and I got a good look at it before it also disappeared into the woods.
The figure was backlit, so we couldn't make out any color or markings. I immediately looked at the head, thinking it was a coyote. Realizing the head shape wasn't canine, but feline shaped, I checked body size, thinking it was the neighbor's cat. The animal was much too large to be a housecat. My husband and I estimate it to be about three and a half feet long- NOT INCLUDING THE TAIL.

The tail is what stopped us. The tail was at least a foot and a half long, and it was held in a very distinct angle. The first six inches or so were held up and away from the rear of the animal at a 45 degree angle, then the rest of the tail sloped down from that point. There was no white visible on any part of the tail, which, even though the animal was backlit, would still have been able to be seen given how close we were to them (we were about 100 yards off).

The last impressions we were left with before the animal was gone from our view was that it had very thick legs and paws, and it didn't run like a dog.READ MORE

US SIGHTING: Mystery cat photographed: Panther or bobcat? Or something else?

This interesting cat was photographed in Screven County recently by a hunter's trail camera. Can you identify the species?

Georgia wildlife officials say we don't have panthers - and people who claim to have seen one continue to insist otherwise.

It's a perennial stalemate that has lingered for decades, with dozens of sightings reported annually across Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.
Without evidence, however, the reports are routinely dismissed as mistaken identity linked to hound dogs, bobcats, large feral cats or small deer.
The lone exception was a 140-pound panther killed during a black powder hunt in 2008 near West Point Lake in Troup County. Genetic tests confirm

NEWSLINK: Save the Scottish wildcat

North Devon columist TOM WILLIAMS (VET) is involved in helping the SCOTISH WILDCAT.In his article he mentions how the SCOTTISH WILDCAT is 1 of the worlds most critically endangered animals,estimates suggest as few as 35 indivduals left in isolated pockets and thier wilderness is shrinking.The project the vet is involved with will require wildcats to be humanely trapped and sedated in the field so data can be recorded and and tracking devices placed,camera traps as well.More infromation can be found in the NORTHDEVONJOURNAL -PAGE 26 -THURSDAY 12 DECEMBER 2013 .


FEATURELINK: Scotland’s Mystery Cats

Nicola Martin took snaps of huge prints on a beach near Coylton, Ayrshire. Photo credit:

Scotland has no native large cats.
But recent reports from Scotland claim there have been sightings of large mysterious felines during the last decades of the 20th century and at the start of the current century. These incidents are reported on as eagerly as Nessie sightings. The large cats tend to be elusive and have led to tales of such creatures as the “Beast of Bennachie” and the “Cougar of Cupar.”

One witness claimed “(I saw) what I thought was a black Labrador…(but) I am 100% sure it to be a tiger-like creature walking slowly across the field.” Also like Nessie, the elusive big cats have initiated debates about their existence. Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth claimed that the big cats are actually dogs or foxes.
But the sheer number of sightings have made believers out of many. Internet web sites are dedicated to chronicling big cat sightings, and a retired policeman from Inverness has collected reports of distinct...

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NEWSLINK: Emergency funding keeps Russia’s rare Amur tigers fed this winter

Emergency funding keeps Russia’s rare Amur tigers fed this winterThe David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) has made an emergency grant to ensure that rare Amur tigers are kept fed and away from conflict with humans in the Russian Far East this winter. But the money won’t be used to dish out food directly to the tigers but to buy forage for the wild boar that make up fifty per cent of the big cats’ diet.
The worst floods in 50 years and a shortage of acorns and cedar nuts in the Anyuisky National Park, which is home to about 20 rare Amur tigers, has meant that the predators’ favourite food is struggling to survive. 

VIDEO: Natural World Tiger Island (full documentary)HD

VIDEO: BBC Natural World Jaguars Born Free Natural World Special full documenta...

NEWSLINK: Endangered Florida Panther Found Shot Dead in Nature Reserve

An endangered Florida panther was found shot dead over the weekend, in the Big Cypress National Preserve, a (supposedly) protected area for wildlife. The death is significant as there are only 100 to 160 Florida panthers remaining, scientists estimate.

The National Park Service is asking anybody with information to come forward. It's a crime to kill a panther, with a maximum penalty of a year in prison and a $100,000 fine, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

US SIGHTINGS: Myth of the black panther

Myth of the black panther Monroe News Star
“It's sort of like Bigfoot. But the truth is there are no black panthers in Louisiana.” No black panther claim has ever been authenticated, Barham said.
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UK SIGHTING: Big cat sighting! | The Guinea Pig Forum

Big cat sighting! | The Guinea Pig Forum
Well, make what you will of this, but last night my husband and I were driving home through the countryside when we saw a large animal on the verge, just...

US SIGHTING: Animal not likely a cougar, Glencoe officials say

Animal not likely a cougar, Glencoe officials say Chicago Tribune
Officials in Glencoe urged residents to exercise caution a day after a horticulturist for the Chicago Botanic Garden reported seeing a big cat run into a wooded ...
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Monday, 9 December 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Big cat sightings in the UK. - Page 2 - RIBnet Forums

Big cat sightings in the UK. - Page 2 - RIBnet Forums
Back to reality yes I've seen a "big cat" dunno what it was, but it weren't a domestic pussy cat. I had to stop & let it stroll across the road in front of me one morning ...

US SIGHTINGS: BIG CAT: Hunters Spot Mountain Lion On Trail Cam |

BIG CAT: Hunters Spot Mountain Lion On Trail Cam | Staff Writer
Hunters in northwest Iowa got a surprise when they came across a mountain lion. The mountain lion was first spotted by the hunters on a trail camera.