Monday, 30 December 2013

CANADA SIGHTINGS: Despite online claims, don't expect to see any cougars around here

KINGSTON - One morning late last month, with her two dogs on edge and barking incessantly, Jen MacPherson peered out her kitchen window at the two large cats walking warily across the frozen ground outside her home in Sydenham.
From five metres away, she snapped a few photos of what she believed to be cougars, in town, in broad daylight.
“They were much, much bigger than any house cat, more like a fair-sized dog,” she recalled two weeks later. “They looked big enough to be cougars.”
MacPherson reported her account to the OPP and Ministry of Natural Resources. She also contacted officials at nearby Loughborough Public School, where two of her children attend.
School principal Helen Peterson wasn’t taking any chances on the exact identity of the four-legged trespassers.
“We kept the kids in the school, which is the normal response to such situations,” she said, adding that a letter was also sent home with each student, informing parents.
The cougars — if verified it stood to be the first of its kind in the surrounding north country — represented the latest in more than a dozen reported sightings of the cunning carnivore in eastern Ontario this year alone.

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