Saturday, 21 December 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Mysterious big cats still grab the headlines

MYSTERIOUS animals strike a chord in our psyche and the Highlands has a rich tradition in such sightings. The newspapers last week featured the “beast of Embo”, sighted by sisters after 18 sheep had been killed.
It sent my mind whirring back to 1980 and the celebrated Cannich puma which generated the kind of tabloid frenzy nowadays generated by Jordan’s Hindenburg-like cleavage or Cheryl Cole’s latest lip gloss.
There had been mystery animal sightings in the North a long time previously. The Daily Express reported in 1927 that in rural Inverness-shire sheep and goats had been attacked by an animal a shepherd described as “like a leopard but without spots”. A strange description unless it was the first case of a leopard actually changing his spots. Like the guy telling his mate: “I’ve just spotted a leopard” and his pal replying: “Don’t be daft, they’re born with spots”.

Anyway, The Express reported that traps were set and a creature was caught which was sent to London Zoo where it was identified as a lynx. Later it turned out London Zoo had no record of receiving any such animal. It was the biggest animal tall tale since there were three bears and one married a giraffe. The other two putREAD MORE

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