A confirmed Jaguar sighting south of Tucson, Arizona was made this week. This is about the 3rd or 4th confirmed sighting in the past 3-4 years in the south Arizona area. These cats are coming out of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico just south of Arizona-New Mexico. Interesting to me....the last confirmed Jaguar killed in the USA was shot close to my wife's farm in Olmito, Texas in the mid-1940's. (Minor correction! The Arizona Game Commission "accidently" killed one a couple of years ago with a "Capture Gun" using a hypodermic needle projectile.)

Another Panther confirmed by photos reported in Minnesota this week. This one in the Alexandria-St. Cloud area. I've spent a little time poking around in the International Falls-Duluth-Boundary Waters region, and if there was ever a place where panthers ought to be, this is it! I'm attracted to Duluth for some wild weird reason...LOVE that area!

Rhode Island Game Commission finally, after almost 2 years of silence, issued a confirmed sighting report a week ago. The R.I. cat could have been out of the Quebec, Canada population which is also increasing. Though it may have been the same Cat reported in Conn. about this time which was a Black Hills Cat from S.D.

Info like this probably doesn't interest many of our Board Members, but if your background is in forestry and wildlife management, it sure the heck does!