Sunday, 31 March 2019

SIGHTING, UK: “The Beast Of St Albans" May Have Finally Been Caught On Film

In the English countryside near Oaklands College in St Albans, Hertforshire, a mysterious beast lurks in the shadows. For the past few years, residents have been telling tales of a terrifying big cat who stalks the area. Their claims may not be figments of their imaginations either. In 2017, the partially eaten body of mutilated deer was even found by a man walking his dog. There have been witnesses though who have confirmed sightings of curious felines. Last year, a video surfaced of a strange tan cat that refueled the “Beast of St Albans” frenzy.


NEWSLINK: Michigan man traps rare lynx in backyard after catching it 'munching' on geese

A mysterious feline spotted a few weeks ago in Michigan has finally been captured. The big cat, which was confirmed to be a rare Canada lynx, was trapped by wildlife officials on Sunday after it was seen "munching" on a Huron County man's domesticated birds, including geese and ducks. Joe McCoy couldn't believe the lynx made its home in his backyard. And unfortunately, some of his animals paid the price.
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Thursday, 28 March 2019

NEWSLINK: Mountain lion attack happened amid years-long uptick in big cat activity, rancher says

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space remains closed one week after a mountain lion attacked a runner. A local rancher said he's seen an increase in mountain lion activity and urges visitors to be careful. “We just want to make sure that the people know when they come from town up here that it is wild,” Dennis White said. White has been raising elk and other animals on his property for over 17 years. He is no stranger to mountain lions.

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NEWSLINK: Leopard conservation – a neglected issue

The WWF 2018 big wild cat poster has clearly identified that various subspecies of leopards distributed across the continents of Asia and Africa are showing an alarming decline in their population numbers; and some subspecies are believed to have already gone extinct across the sub Saharan and North African region. 

As well around the Middle East due to extensive loss of leopard habitats, indiscriminate poaching and repeated conflicts with humans encroaching on premier leopard habitats, rail and/or highway accidents and acute low of major leopard prey species in the ecosystems in which they barely survive.
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SIGHTING, UK: Is this new video proof of a panther on the prowl in the Lancashire countryside?

A man from Eccleston has captured on camera what he believes is a big cat prowling the fields around Lancashire. The sighting follows a surge in reports of 'big cats' in fields around Chorley and Leyland in recent weeks.

In the video, a large black cat appears to stalk prey in a wooded area near Eccleston. Nick Spink said he captured the cat slinking around the woods near his home on Saturday, February 16.

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NEWSLINK: Quail hunters find dead female mountain lion with missing paw in western Kansas

Quail hunters found a dead female mountain lion more than 100 miles from the Colorado border, the first confirmed mountain lion in the state since 2016. 

The hunters found the big cat on Thursday in Rooks County, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism confirmed on its Facebook page late Thursday night. Rooks County is more than 100 miles from the Colorado border and 30 miles from Nebraska.
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Sunday, 10 March 2019

NEWSLINK: Elderly Snow Leopard Dies Suddenly at Santa Barbara Zoo

An elderly snow leopard named Zoe passed away on Thursday, Feb. 14, at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Though she was advanced in age and being treated for related ailments, her death was sudden and unexpected. A keeper in the vicinity alerted the Zoo’s veterinary team, which attempted to resuscitate the 15-year-old big cat, but were unsuccessful. “Zoe was being treated for osteoarthritis of her hind legs, early renal failure, and hypertension, which are common in geriatric large cats,” said Dr. Julie Barnes, the Zoo’s director of animal care and health. “Given the suddenness of her death, I suspect a heart attack or a stroke.”

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Saturday, 9 March 2019

NEWSLINK: Firefighters find cougar after being called to ‘cat stuck up a tree’

Firefighters received a little more than they expected this week when they were called to a ‘cat stuck in a tree’ – and found a cougar. A homeowner dialled 911 after spotting the huge creature outside his home in the southern California desert. San Bernardino County firefighters arrived and were shocked to see the large cat perched on a branch 50 feet above their heads.

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Friday, 8 March 2019

NEWSLINK: Family Rescues Abandoned Leopard Cub in National Park

A leopard cub has been rescued and fostered by a family near the Murchison falls national park, after it (cub) was abandoned by the mother. The cub was picked by Uganda Wildlife Authority’s Problem Animal Rescue Team from a home of Amon Busati of Kyarukunya village, Kimuru sub-county in Masindi district.