Wednesday, 31 August 2016

PHOTOS: Leopard Charges At Zookeeper But Gets Pawed Down By Their Resident Tiger

Zookeepers are renowned for their patience and connections to the wild animals they work with but we never think that animals would stand up for a human against another animal. A caretaker at The Black Jaguar – White Tiger Foundation, Eduardo Serio must be particularly good at what he does because he is obviously considered one of their own, by the most of the animals anyway.


NEWSLINK: Meet 'Collar Wali', The Latest Craze At Pench Tiger Sanctuary

An 11-year-old Royal Bengal tigress has set a record of sorts by begetting 22 cubs since 2008 in Madhya Pradesh's Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR), thus becoming the cynosure of all eyes as tourists flock in large numbers to catch a glimpse of the majestic beast.


NEWSLINK: Five days on, tiger in Kheri yet to be found

Just days after a tiger mauled two to death in Chedipur village in Kheri district, forest officials and authorities have still not been able to locate the big cat. Authorities added that the tiger killed a dog in the same district.


UK SIGHTING: Big cat captured on video? Panther like beast spotted in countryside

Royal Mail worker Phil Chapman couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted this cat like creature roaming around the countryside near Wakefield.

Mr Chapman, 48, was staying at the Redbeck Motel in Crofton when he captured the animal, believed to be a big cat, on camera, as it was prowling through nearby fields.


Monday, 29 August 2016

NEWSLINK: Speculations emerge over Murbad leopard origin

Man-animal conflicts, especially with leopards, in the state have progressively become a sensitive issue. In one such episode, a leopard was shot dead in Murbad near Thane on Thursday after it attacked two people in three days. Locals and environmentalists speculate that the big cats may have been relocated from their habitats, which might be the reason for the rise in attacks.


NEWSLINK: Tiger from 'worst zoo' gets new home

A Bengal tiger rescued from what activists have called "the worst zoo in the world" arrived in South Africa for a new home on Thursday, after living in a small cage in Gaza alongside another tiger's stuffed corpse.

The 9-year-old male, known as Laziz, arrived by plane. His handlers said he was in good condition and calm after traveling in a wooden crate.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

VIDEO: Woman dies in tiger attack at drive-through safari park in China

A horrific tiger attack has been captured on surveillance video at a safari park in northern China. The fatal attack occurred on Saturday at Badaling Wildlife World outside of Beijing when a woman exited her car and was dragged away by one of the park’s Siberian tigers. While the woman survived, her mother died while trying to rescue her.


VIDEO: Bobcat sightings spike in Ahwatukee neighborhood

Living in the desert, we're used to seeing wildlife. Big cats sometimes do make a rare appearance, but at least one is not being very shy.

Bobcat sightings in an Ahwatukee neighborhood have spiked recently, with multiple neighbors reporting seeing bobcats.