Thursday, 29 November 2012

SIGHTING EUROPE: Hungry lynx wanders into Polish town

Lynx Effect
Austrian Times
It's the real-life lynx effect - as a town's street's empty while a hungry big cat prowls the streets looking for food. The feline intruder wandered into Zegiestowie, Poland, in broad daylight after emerging from its normal habitat among the peaks of a ...

NEWSLINK: Leopard hunt continues, team seeks more equipment

Leopard hunt continues, team seeks more equipment
Indian Express
The big cat was first spotted in a pear orchard at Kadian village on November 11, and the forest department has not been able to trap it to date. Now the experts involved in this operation have sought more tranquilizer guns and even night-vision cameras.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NEWSLINK: Tiger spotting

Tiger spotting
Times of India
Not only is it common to watch the big cat even in winter (though April-June is the perfect time), one hears stories of tigers preying in front of a jeep full of visitors. You just don't want to consider yourself the rare, unlucky one. Yet, the fact ...

SIGHTING USA: Rhode Island cougar

Resident Claims Mountain Lion Spotted Middletown
Although the idea seems far-fetched, a recent report is not the first time a Rhode Island resident has claimed to see a large cat. Middletown Police received a report from a woman who believes she saw a mountain lion near the NEX store on Green Lane ...

newslink: Minister's remarks defending tribal rights kick up row

Minister's remarks defending tribal rights kick up row
Daily Pioneer
Experts and MoEF sources have retorted back, saying that while both the Wildlife Act and the Forest Rights Act provide for resettlement of people, large endangered species as big cats certainly need to be conserved in inviolate areas wherever they are ...

Monday, 19 November 2012

NEWSLINK: Big Cat Taken Out at CSU Over the Weekend

Big Cat Taken Out at CSU Over the Weekend
A mountain lion was shot and killed over the weekend.

NEWSLINK: Leopard snatched and killed girl, two, in Indian jungle

Leopard snatched and killed girl, two, in Indian jungle
The Sun
Her mother screamed as the leopard attacked, but she could not stop the big cat from dragging her daughter away. The youngster, named as Usha Vinayak Yadav, had stepped into the undergrowth in jungle near Mumbai, India, after dark when the spotted ...

NEWSLINK: Tigress electrocuted in Bandhavgarh buffer zone

Tigress electrocuted in Bandhavgarh buffer zone
Times of India
BHOPAL: Adding to the woes of the Madhya Pradesh government trying to revive the big cat population, a tigress was found electrocuted at Badwara range of Katni forest division which falls in the Bandhavgarh National Park's buffer zone on Sunday. This ...

NEWSLINK: Naxal shadow looms large, tiger stripes blur

Naxal shadow looms large, tiger stripes blur
Daily Pioneer
At Palamau Tiger Reserve, the Maoist is foremost on the mind of both authorities and forest tribals. The big cat itself fares a poor second. If one were even to resort to belief, it would have to be blind, for the tiger is nowhere to be seen. William ...

newslink: Lawsuits, controversy surround ban on exotic animals

Lawsuits, controversy surround ban on exotic animals
Dayton Daily News
A year after a Zanesville man freed 56 jungle cats and other dangerous animals, triggering worldwide condemnation of Ohio's lax regulation, the state is beginning to implement a ban on most private ownership of big cats, alligators and other wild ...

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Bobcat sighting in Tillsonburg
Tillsonburg News
For the second time since early October, a 'big cat' has been reported in the area. A bobcat was seen Wednesday morning around 10 a.m. in Tillsonburg on a trail just off Cranberry Road, north of North Street. “It was one of those oh my God moments ...

NEWSLINK: Rapid Response Unit vehicles ineffective in Ranthambore

Rapid Response Unit vehicles ineffective in Ranthambore
Times of India
The ranger was trying to tranquilize the big cat that had strayed into a village but had ventured too near. It was a close shave for Shaktawat who had to be airlifted to the capital for treatment. To prevent such accidents in future, the reserve was ...


More Cougar Sightings Reported In Bennington
There are more reports of big cats being sighted in the Bennington area. Friday morning, Douglas County Sheriff's Department deputies took two reports of cougars south of town. Residents are aware of the reports and are keeping an eye out for cougars ...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

NEWSLINK: HEMET: Did skinnydipper face a mountain lion? :

HEMET: Did skinnydipper face a mountain lion? : Bob Pratte
By bobpratte
“Ok. I am in bed awake and gazing out the big bedroom window overlooking the valley lights, still remembering the big cat growl and suddenly all the lights in the east portion of the valley went out!” she wrote. “Really eerie. Holy moley rocky!

NEWSLINK: 5-yr-old boy mauled to death by leopard

5-yr-old boy mauled to death by leopard
Business Standard
... forest department officials said here today. The boy was assaulted by the big cat in his own courtyard on late Wednesday night and dragged into nearby forest, they said. The half-eaten body of the victim was recovered by forest officials yesterday ...

NEWSLINK: Ministries on opposite side of fence over tigers, tribals

Ministries on opposite side of fence over tigers, tribals
Hindustan Times
interference) for the big cat without settling the rights of locals. The environment ministry had provided for this inviolate space as a mandatory condition to regulate tourism in tiger reserves. The rules were notified despite a dissent note of the ...

NEWSLINK: Leopard found dead, another kills child

Leopard found dead, another kills child
Business Standard
"The teeth marks on the dead leopard's neck and deep bruises on its stomach indicate that it was killed in a fight with another big cat," an official said, but added that the exact cause of its death will be known only after the post mortem report ...

NEWSLINK: World's Largest Tiger Reserve 'Bereft of Cats'

World's Largest Tiger Reserve 'Bereft of Cats'
The Irrawaddy News Magazine
Her bleak assessment was made after numerous local animal trackers told her they haven't seen tiger paw prints or other signs of big cat life in the valley for several years. “The hunters have told me there are no more tigers left,” said Bauk Jar ...

Friday, 16 November 2012

NEWSLINK: Nebraska Deer Hunter Shoots Mountain Lion that Stalked Him

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Nebraska Deer Hunter Shoots Mountain Lion that Stalked Him
Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
An official investigation determined the hunter's actions were justified given the big cat's behavior. According to the Nebraska GPC, a person may kill a mountain lion without a permit only if it "stalks, attacks, or shows unprovoked aggression ...

NEWLINK: Big cat attack in Macomb, Illinois?

Attack in MacombBig cat attack in Macomb?
Western Courier (subscription)
After that, she heard nothing. April didn't think much of it perhaps a neighborhood pet or stray cat. But the next day, she woke up and saw something lying in the field. “You could tell just by standing in the house that there was a big lump out there ...

Thursday, 15 November 2012

SIGHTINGS FRANCE: Mystery black panther in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Mystery big cat caught on video
The Connexion
A spokesman for the prefecture of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence said: “We are studying all hypotheses, including that of a big cat and that of a black panther.” The national office for hunting and wild animals has set up a trap near a village where the ...

NEWSLINK: Dog Survives Abduction by Cougar

Dog Survives Abduction by Cougar
CTV Vancouver Island
FANNY BAY – A Comox Valley woman says her family pet was lured away from her Fanny Bay home on Friday and the big cat's intent was to use the dog for training purposes for its two cubs. Aga Shultes was starting her vehicle in 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Monday, 12 November 2012

NEWSLINK: Adopted cub

'Tiny' Tejas now big enough to be caged
Times of India
"Visitors will now be able to view the cat, which had been under the care of the hospital staff since May," added Khan. The cub was brought to Delhi Zoo by a family from a UP village. The family had tended to the cub after it got separated from its ...

NEWSLINK: Tiger adopts cubs

Ferocious male adopts and raises 2 orphaned cubs at Ranthambore
India Today
When the field staff of the Ranthambhore National Park gave tiger T-25 the name Zalim (cruel) about two years back for his ferocity they would have hardly dreamt that the big cat would one day prove them all wrong by displaying traits of kindness and ...

SIGHTINGS USA: Bobcat in Washington State

Bobcat Sighted in Sammamish's Hidden Ridge Neighborhood
The cat, which appeared to be alone, had pointy ears, and was spotted with a short, black-tipped tail. She estimated the animal weighed somewhere around 60-70 pounds. What wild neighbors have you been seeing around this week? Related Topics: Bobcat ...

NEWSLINK: Australian cryptozoology course

On the hunt for a big cat?
ABC Online (blog)
A short course looking at crypto-zoology is stating this week at the Bass Coast Adult Education Centre. The course aims to offer skills and explanations about big cats, Yowies and other legends. Craig spoke with Mike Cleeland about the four week program.

NEWSLINK: Revelations about British big cats (Via Lindsay Selby)

So exotic big cats may have been around longer than thought.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

NEWSLINK: More on ancient big cats

Ancient teeth show how big cats lived with bear dogs: Both species ...
However, the cats would have used tree cover to avoid encountering other bigger animals while the dogs hunted in a more open area that rarely overlapped ...

NEWSLINK: Tiger attack in India

Rumours of tiger attack grip village
Times of India
Rumors were also rife that the big cat had injured some persons also, however investigations proved that the tiger had attacked and killed a cow in a forest 2.5km away from Galagihulkoppa village. No person was attacked or injured, said Dharwad rural ...

Saturday, 10 November 2012

NEWSLINK: The case against private big cat ownership

The Case Against Big Cat Ownership -
A coalition of animal welfare groups has proposed a bill that would prohibit private possession of big cats across the United States.

Friday, 9 November 2012

FEATURELINK: Smilodon profile

Smilodon the Vampire
Wired (blog)
The vanished sabercat is a symbol of North America's recently lost megafauna, but it's also an Ice Age mystery. While the carnivore broadly resembled other felids – a cat is a cat is a cat – the predator's fangs have confounded paleontologists for over ...

NEWSLINK: Mystery cat in Vancouver

VicPD on the Prowl after Cougar Sighting in James Bay
The man was working near a busy intersection when the big cat appeared. Students were kept inside at James Bay Community School and South Park Elementary as a precaution. Victoria Police scoured the area, but officers did not find the cat. If you see a ...

NEWSLINK: Mystery pumas in Illionois

People are fascinated with the idea of Illinois cougars
Morris Daily Herald
The article states that a trail camera captured the big cat. A local hunter had set up the camera to monitor the deer activity on the property he hunted. When he went to check his photos, he got quite the surprise. The photo was taken near Jacksonville ...

Thursday, 8 November 2012

NEWSLINK: Tiger conservation

More at stake than just the tiger
Daily Pioneer
Forty years after the inception of Project Tiger, the population graph of the big cat looks more like a graph at the daily stock exchange! Somehow, in spite of the best intentions and efforts from the Government, non-Government organisations and even ...

NEWSLINK: More on Nepal's man-eating leopard

Man-Eating Leopard Kills 15 People In Nepal, Officials Believe
Huffington Post
The spotted big cats do not usually eat humans, but once they start, it's difficult to get them to stop, said Maheshwor Dhakal of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu. "Since human blood has more salt than animal ...

NEWSLINK: Europe's top carnivores, 9 million years ago

'Bear Dog,' Big Cats Among Europe's Top Carnivores
Discovery News
Three tough mammals -- a huge "bear dog" and two saber-toothed cats -- were among Europe's top predators 9 million years ago, according to a new study. The unusual toothy trio managed to coexist and thrive near what is now Madrid, Spain. The two cat ...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Leopard Responsible For 15 Deaths In Nepal
The big cat's latest victim was a 4-year-old boy whose remains were discovered in the jungle, not far from his village, this past weekend. According to CNN, two-thirds of the leopard's victims thus far have been children under the age of 10. Most of ...

Man-Eating Leopard Devours 15 So Far
ABC News (blog)
A big cat can kill ya, but a little pussy never hurt anyone. I don't think it's fair to say humans have encroached on this cat's territory. Nepal is remote. So, a remote village 400 miles from Kathmandu is really remote. Hmmmm, I wonder if Kathmandu ...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NEWSLINK: Canada Lynx conservation in USA

Helping To Save The Canada Lynx
The Canada Lynx is one of the last of the big wild cats left in the United States. Although their population is robust in Northern Canada, their numbers are considered endangered in the States, with only a few hundred in the wild. In East Aurora, Hawk ...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

NEWSLINK: Australian Big Cats

Australian Big Cats: Western Australia Big cats
By mike
Six-foot Big Cat captured on video. I had to pull the embed video link which "The Sun" supplie s because for the first time ever..someone wanted me to pay £500 for using the e... Hybrid Cats. Australian Big Cats – www.australian-big-cats The ...

NEWSLINK: Leopard attacks in Nepal

Leopard May Have Killed 15 in Nepal
Latin American Herald Tribune
KATHMANDU – The head of a missing 4-year-old boy was found Saturday in western Nepal after a leopard supposedly ate the child, according to police who believe this is the 15th human the big cat has killed. Baitadi district police chief Kamal Prasad ...

NEWSLINK: More on India Tiger Tourism

Tourism in Tiger Reserves Right or Wrong
Jagran Josh
Today wild life has been taken for granted and poaching of tigers has become an activity practiced at large. It is a shame that the government by law has to drive tourists out of the habitat of the big cat. The recent law passed by the Supreme Court ...

Saturday, 3 November 2012

NEWSLINK: Leopard attack in India

Leopard kills two-year-old girl in Junagadh, injures another
Indian Express
Another girl, believed to be about three or four years old who playing nearby, was injured apparently by the big cat. The victim was playing at her family's mango orchard, with her mother and grandmother nearby, when the leopard attacked her around 7 ...

NEWSLINK: India's last Siberian tiger

'Reborn' big cat longs for Naini den
Daily News & Analysis
The taxidermy trophy of India's last Siberian tiger, which was to be sent back to Nainital — where it came from — after it was ready, is still lying at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) in Borivli as the Nainital zoo authorities still haven't ...

Friday, 2 November 2012

SIGHTINGS USA: Missouri Mountain Lion

Mountain lion sighting in southeast Missouri is confirmed
Kansas City Star
For the second time in the past few weeks, a mountain lion sighting has been confirmed in southeast Missouri. Trail cameras captured a big cat on a Ripley County farm last weekend. Lee Ray Pickrell, who owns the farm, told the Southeast Missourian that ...

NEWSLINK: Tiger tourism in the Sunderbans

Spurt in tiger sighting draws tourists to Sunderbans
Times of India
Two successive tiger sightings at Pirkhali on Saptami and Ashthami led to a cheer among tourists, most of whom return disappointed from Sunderbans where spotting a big cat is a rare occurrence. On Monday, yet another tiger was sighted near Dobanki.

Sightings USA: Another Illinois puma

Cougar sighting north of Jacksonville confirmed
When he saw the big cat, he says he couldn't believe it. “I've never seen anything like that, but you hear stories of people seeing different things,” says Cobb. “My dad thought he saw a wolf one time, and he thought he saw a black panther several ...

SIGHTINGS USA: More on the illinois puma

Trail camera snaps cougar in central Illinois
Quad City Times
The picture clearly shows the big cat walking past a camera set up along a trail through a wooded area. The (Springfield) State Journal-Register ( reports that it's only the fourth confirmed sighting of a cougar since the cats ...

SIGHTINGS USA: Mountain lion in Texas

Mountain lion preying on pets in San Antonio area; three dogs killed
The pet's owner, Tomie Barker, said it's the third pet the big cat has snatched from her backyard in the last several weeks. From her patio, Barker said she spotted the young, 85-pound puma. Mountain lions normally hunt deer — which are plentiful in ...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

SIGHTINGS USA: Fourth confirmed Illinois cougar since the 1870s

IL_SPR_FacebookCougar.jpgCougar photographed in Morgan County
The State Journal-Register
“I just kind of went, 'Oh, my God,' and everybody thought I had a big deer on there.” DNR wildlife biologist Mike Chandler visited the site Monday afternoon and verified the location where the picture was taken. The picture clearly shows the big cat ...

NEWSLINK: More on Idaho mountain lion

Mountain lion along Boise River eludes agents
San Francisco Chronicle
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A mountain lion that state wildlife agents worry may have taken up residence along a popular recreational trail in Idaho's capital city has so far eluded authorities. For weeks, there have been sightings of the big cat along the ...

UK SIGHTING: Mystery cat in Tavistock

Was the mystery animal a big cat?
Tavistock Times Gazette
Was the mystery animal a big cat? Wednesday, 31 October 2012. John Hutchins and Sam Hughes. A TAVISTOCK couple had a bit of a shock in the early hours of last Wednesday morning, when they spotted a 'big cat' while driving along Whitchurch Road.