Saturday, 14 December 2013

FEATURELINK: Scotland’s Mystery Cats

Nicola Martin took snaps of huge prints on a beach near Coylton, Ayrshire. Photo credit:

Scotland has no native large cats.
But recent reports from Scotland claim there have been sightings of large mysterious felines during the last decades of the 20th century and at the start of the current century. These incidents are reported on as eagerly as Nessie sightings. The large cats tend to be elusive and have led to tales of such creatures as the “Beast of Bennachie” and the “Cougar of Cupar.”

One witness claimed “(I saw) what I thought was a black Labrador…(but) I am 100% sure it to be a tiger-like creature walking slowly across the field.” Also like Nessie, the elusive big cats have initiated debates about their existence. Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth claimed that the big cats are actually dogs or foxes.
But the sheer number of sightings have made believers out of many. Internet web sites are dedicated to chronicling big cat sightings, and a retired policeman from Inverness has collected reports of distinct...

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