Saturday, 7 December 2013

NEWLINK: Louisiana 'Black Panther' Mystery Solved

According to a news report by Hope Ford of KLFY-TV, at around 7:30 pm, a large black animal was spotted in the field behind a home.

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“You could see it from the fence and it was pretty big,” said Karen Fory, whose brother-in -law first noticed the animal. “So, I came back to the truck and got the binoculars,” Fory explained.

Cathy Irwin, who lives in the home, said Fory called her over immediately to see what they considered to be a black panther. “We were standing about 100 feet away and you could see it,” Irwin said. “It was very large.”

Fory took several photographs of the animal before it wandered behind some trees.
“It’s a very dangerous animal, and anything can happen at any given time with that, especially with the children in these neighborhoods,” Irwin told the TV station. So she called Wildlife and Fisheries agents, who came to investigate but found no trace of the feline, nor were there any other reports of the creature.
The cat does indeed look unusually large in the photographs Fory provided to the news media and wildlife officials. But it’s important to note the image was shot on a high-definition camera, which means it can be greatly enlarged, and that she used a telephoto lens, which magnifies the size of the imageREAD MORE

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