Saturday, 25 January 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: Terrified runners spot 'big cat' on Scout Scar

Two terrified runners have spoken of their face-to-face encounter with South Lakeland’s mysterious big ‘black cat’.
The latest sighting was reported by Angela Jones and Eve Grayson, whose evening jog on Scout Scar was dramatically interrupted at around 6.30pm last Wednesday.
They have vowed never to venture up to the popular beauty spot in darkness again after coming across what they said was ‘definitely’ a big cat.
It follows years of apparent sightings of the curious creature in Kendal, Levens, Natland, Witherslack and in the Winster Valley.
The jogging duo, who both live in Kendal, spotted the animal just four metres in front of them on the side of a path.
Angela said the animal was jet black, the same size as a labrador, had long legs, a tail and was staring straight at them.
“We stopped, shone our head torches towards it to get a better look and saw two orange eyes and the outline of a large feline animal,” said Angela “It was definitely a big cat

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