Wednesday, 10 June 2015

UK SIGHTINGS: Cougar sightings reported near Lochside Trail

Posted By: Keith Vasson: June 07, 2015In: News

Conservation officers and Saanich Police are urging the public to be vigilant, but not overly alarmed after a pair of cougar sightings near the Lochside Trail Saturday night.

The two close encounters happened just a few hours and a few hundred metres apart, suggesting a big cat could very well be in the area.

The first reported encounter happened just after 9 p..m., when a caller told Saanich Police they had heard a growling noise and movement in bushes just off the trail south of Blenkinsop Lake. Police searched the area but didn’t find a cougar.

Then just before midnight, a separate report came in. A security guard working at a BC Hydro substation just off the trail, says several girls ran up and told him they had seen a cougar. The guard says he drove his vehicle and saw a large cat in a tree near several other people.

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