Tuesday, 23 May 2017

NEWSLINK: Pugmarks near Amoni create panic among villagers

Pugmarks of tigers near Amoni village in the vicinity of Sukhi Sewaniya close to the State capital created panic among the villagers. They are of the view that the big cat might have moved near to human habitat in search of water as there are possibilities that due to intensive summer conditions water bodies in the forests might have shrieked or dried up.

Bhopal District Forest Officer (DFO) SP Tiwari while talking to The Pioneer said, "There are 28 tigers in the Ratapani Sanctuary besides about a dozen more striped felines move around the sanctuary in the forests of Kerwa, Kathotiya and Mandora while there are two big cats in the forests of Amoni."

"The population of tigers in the stretch between Ratapani Sanctuary and Kerwa dam has risen to around 28 from 19 in 2013. There were only 9 tigers in the area in 2006," said Tiwari.


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