Thursday 18 January 2018

PHOTO: Tigress and 2 cubs sighted in Kerwa

Tigress along with two cubs in Kerwa jungle kept the forest officials on toes for past two days. Worried over safety of the feline, Forests Department started patrolling in the area from Monday morning.

According to Forest Department, there is probable chance of territorial fight between tigress T-123 and tiger T-121, who has already set up his territory in the area. Officials said poachers are also active in the area so patrolling has been raised. Location of camera trap has been also changed to keep an eye on tigress and cubs through e-surveillance. As per camera recordings, tigress has been spotted in Kerwa and Kaliyasot jungle along with the cubs.

The cubs are about 6 months old. Earlier in December 2017, the tigress was sighted with cubs in Kathotiya jungles. She has move towards Kerwa jungle through Ratapani area. As other tigress T-21 has already set up territory along with cubs, tigress T-123 left the area and move out in Kerwa-Kaliyasot. Young male tiger T-1 is already there in Kerwa-Kaliyasot jungles. Forest officials said male tiger usually attack the cubs and in such condition territorial fight happened between the tiger and tigress.


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