Monday, 9 April 2018

NEWSLINK: Wild boars kill six year-old tiger

Indrah the Sumatran Tiger.jpgAn adult tiger was found dead in a fight with a wild boar in Balaghat district. The six year-old tiger’s carcass was spotted in Balaghat’s Logur range. Firstly, the forest officials thought that the tiger was electrocuted or poisoned, but after no evidence was found during post-mortem.

An officer told that “Fight with wild boars seems to be only reason as we have found boar hair and faecal samples on the spot.” DFO Deva Prasad said that the matter is still under investigation. “Wild boars could be the reason,” said the officer.

Balaghat is one of the non-protected areas in Kanha-Pench corridor where density of both tiger and prey is comparatively high.

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