Sunday, 6 May 2018

NEWSLINK: ‘Bagheera’ Spotted in Chhattisgarh After 24 Years!

Flickr - Rainbirder - Sassy Lassy.jpgWalking through a dense forest is like solving mysteries without knowing what you are looking for. Whether it is the forests of Nainital, the royal jungles of Ranthambhore, or the thick woods of Dandeli, you always just experience a small fraction of what it has to offer.

However, even when you see a few birds and maybe a herd of spotted deer, you should know that the animals in the forest have most likely seen you from afar.

One animal that has always fascinated me is the leopard. This nocturnal big cat is usually shy, and hardly ever makes itself visible.

Its brown colour and black spots make for the perfect camouflage in dense jungles. If you are enjoying a safari, chances are that a leopard has already seen you and is hiding from plain sight. This nature of a leopard makes it an especially difficult animal to spot.

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