Wednesday, 19 September 2018

ARTICLE: The Cougar Sightings

I guess my expectations were too low because, as the sighting kept coming in from more and more counties, it seemed cougars were everywhere. Here are the sightings and counties; Pulaski County (5), Hot Springs County (1), Ashley County (1), Searcy County (1), Cross County (1), Columbia County (2), Lafayette County (3), Ouachita County (1), Van Buren County (1), Yell County (1), Desha County (1), Union County (1), Bradley County (1), Perry County (1), Benton County (2), Montgomery County (1), Polk County (1), Arkansas County (2), and Sebastian County (1). That’s a total of 19 counties with 28 confirmed sightings. Of all the sightings, five were said to be black cougars, and one sighting was a female with two cubs. It’s a little difficult to pinpoint the cougar hot spots, but southwest Arkansas certainly seems to have a breeding population, and as expected, most of the sightings were adjacent to dense timber, usually near major streams.

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