Tuesday, 4 December 2018

CARL WRITES: 10/11/18 - Grindleford, Derbyshire

Read the original story here.

"I’m afraid I just don’t see it! The eyewitness does describe what might have been a genuine big cat, however, I simply do not see one in the video. In fact, it’s very difficult to discern exactly what was being filmed at all. All I could make out in the short, blurry, ill-defined video was a black shape that doesn’t appear to be moving – maybe it’s simply a shadow! It really could be anything at all and not nessecerily animate. It’s also extremely difficult to estimate the dark objects dimensions (It might even be a black domestic cat) as the nearby trees and bushes do not clearly indicate the creature/object’s size.

Derbyshire does indeed have an interesting history of reports of this nature, with a definite spike in sightings reported since 2007.

However, with the lack of any discernible details it’s probably sensible at this time to dismiss this report as there is literally no good corresponding evidence to validate the sighting.

We should, however, probably expect further reports from Derbyshire in future."

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