Monday, 17 June 2019

UK: Big cat expert claims five confirmed sightings of pumas in UK with breeding population of 250 across country

A wildcat expert revealed there have been five confirmed sightings of pumas in the UK and warned a population of around 250 are breeding across the country.

Rick Minter, Britain's leading big cat tracker, said he has seen "conclusive" videos of the animals amid estimates that hundreds have made the UK their home.

Commenting on the rush of sightings this year, former countryside government adviser Minter says he regularly receives reports of the American mountain lions and black panthers.

He told Daily Star Online: “Some snippets of big cats have been caught on trail cameras or camera traps. Several of these are shown at my talks.

“There was one farmer coming away from a meeting and he showed it on his mobile phone.

Absolutely 10 out of 10 quality video footage of a puma on his land.

We came back jaw-dropping… but he was keeping it quiet and to himself.”

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