Saturday, 2 March 2013

US SIGHTINGS: Black cougar sightings have Waco neighborhood on alert

Black cougar sightings have Waco neighborhood on alert
Waco Tribune-Herald
After her experience, Bickly said she and her husband sat on their back deck for a while with deer rifles just in case the big cats came around the house and spooked their horses. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website, there are ...

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  1. I live in the Austin Hill Country, in the Westlake area. Around 11 am this morning, I saw a black-colored cat-like creature with a long tail walking slowly across the upper deck of our home. I had opened the door thinking it was a stray/lost cat, but when I saw its size, realized it was a wild animal. It scampered quickly down our spiral stairs and through the yard, under the gate and out to the open space behind our house. It raced so quickly, I had a hard time picking up any details, except that its fur seemed "rough," not smooth and sleek and its tail was about as long as its body. The head seemed small.