Monday, 8 April 2013

SIGHTINGS UK: Reports of big cat sightings in Leicestershire

Reports of big cat sightings in Leicestershire
Hinckley Times
SIGHTINGS of a black panther-like creature have sparked fresh interest into the theory that big cats are roaming the Leicestershire countryside. There were two sightings of big cats in the county recently, taking place in the space of 24 hours of each ...


  1. You may find my website of interest.

  2. I saw one in flues lane oadby years ago, they had been reported in great glen and rutland around the time and one had been seen in leicester railway station. I had a good look at it as it was sitting in the path. size of a large alsation (judged this by the dog muck bin next to it) black, blue eys I think but it was a long time ago, probably around turn of the century. They are definitely out there, didn't feel threatened.