Sunday 7 April 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Lorry driver sees mysterious big cat in field

Lorry driver sees mysterious big cat in field
Dorset Echo
The 42-year-old lorry driver had been travelling on the A35 from Weymouth to Bridport at around 3.30pm when he spotted the mysterious creature. Sightings of big cats in Dorset have sparked intense debate in recent years. Many are convinced that there ...
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Lorry driver sees mysterious 'panther' in field
Dorset Echo
OVER the years each sighting has added a new twist to the mystery of the Dorset Big Cat. In March 2010 a lamb was savaged in Bockhampton in what was believed to be a Big Cat attack. The 'Beast of Bockhampton' struck in a field close to Pine Lodge Farm ...
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'Alien Black Cat' Reported in England
Discovery News
Fillary noted that he'd previously seen another strange big cat on the prowl while making his rounds not far away in Ilminster, but that he'd been reluctant to report the sighting for fear that people would think he was crazy. After all, black panthers ...

Dorset Echo


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