Thursday, 20 February 2014

NEWSLINK: Wild Cat Conservation

  • 21st Century Tiger A partnership between the Zoological Society of London and Global Tiger Patrol which raises funds for wild tiger conservation projects.
    "...21st Century Tiger supports projects in many of the 13 tiger range countries. Core projects receiving long-term support are in Russia, India and Sumatra...Almost 100 grants have been awarded since 1997, and more are currently being assessed by our advisors..."
  • African Wildlife Conservation Fund Promotes the long-term sustainability of healthy wildlife populations via research and educational partnerships.
    "...The Gonarezhou Predator Project was established in 2009 acknowledging the need for information on the status of the park’s large carnivore populations ((lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs and spotted hyenas).. The project is a joint initiative by the Frankfurt Zoological Society and the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and part funded by the African Wildlife Conservation Fund..." The group is also assisting with anti-poaching and snare removal and engaged in other conservation efforts.
  • African Wildlife Foundation The African Wildlife Foundation, together with the people of Africa, works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever; online gallery profiling various wild cats.
    African Wildlife Foundation, 1400 Sixteenth St NW, Suite 120, Washington, DC 20036read more
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