Tuesday 25 February 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: The Unexplained North: Big cats and beasties roam the region

Ian Bond is convinced that there are big cats at large in the region¿ countryside

A big cat was said to be responsible for ripping off the heads of new-born lambs in the North East countryside It was 2005 and a farmer at Iverston, County Durham, found a dozen lambs in as many days had been slaughtered by a mysterious predator. They were all savaged and some were decapitated. Farmer Andrew Spence ruled out a fox or badger - and initially blamed the infamous Durham Puma.


  1. I'm sorry but that photograph is very old and shows a fox with a rabbit in its mouth. It was dismissed as a "big Cat" almost immediately.

  2. Agreed, but we are reposting the original article not commenting on it