Monday, 29 December 2014

AUSTRALIAN SIGHTINGS: Dubious report of black panther in Queensland

by idoubtit • December 6, 2014

Claimed sightings of large black cats are widespread, but unless you live in an area where there are leopards or jaguars, you’re almost certainly mistaken.

JOHN Rourke didn’t always sleep with a cane knife next to his bed.

But after seeing a black panther lurking near his Eudlo property for the second time, he’s not taking any chances.

“I was loathe to tell anyone because they’d think I was crazy,” said the ginger farm worker, whose most recent sighting was five weeks ago.

Sightings were reported at Palmwood in 1975, Glasshouse Mountains in 1980, the Maleny area in 1997 and Inglewood in 2000, he said.

In 2009 a panther-like cat was reported to be roaming near Gympie.

Rourke describes it as like a black labrador dog but it “didn’t travel like a black lab, and it had a tail about a metre long”

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