Friday, 19 December 2014

US SIGHTINGS: Another report of a black panther in Greene County?

Posted Tuesday, November 25, 2014, at 8:19 PM

Whenever I've written about a black panther, or a mountain lion, or a cougar, someone else steps up to report another sighting.

After the recent column about the sighting of a black panther in the Linton area, the daughter of a reader sent a note about seeing one in the Bloomfield area.

The reader's daughter Patti wrote, "I live in Bloomington. My mother, who lives in Bloomfield, told me about an article in which you and others had sighted a black panther in the Linton vicinity.

"About a year ago last fall, I was driving back to Bloomington after visiting with my mother. I was on a country road that turns onto Highway 54 at the Wilson Bridge about two or three miles east of Bloomfield.

"It was dusk, and suddenly something darted across the road in front of the car. I was very surprised that it was not a coyote, but it was a big cat and was black.

"I stopped and watched it run under the Wilson Bridge.

"Of course, I told the tale to various friends and relatives, but I did not report it to the authorities.

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