Saturday, 21 March 2015

NEWSLINK -BIG CAT SIGHTING UK-Have you seen Farnley Tyas "big cat"?

Two ramblers have reported seeing a “big cat” in woodland at Farnley Tyas, bringing back memories of other mystery creatures spotted in the area. Brothers Andrew and Stephen Brook were walking a trail near Farnley Bank Farm, close to the Golden Cock pub, on Sunday when they saw the 5ft long animal. Andrew, 59, who was with his nine-year-old son Marcus, described the animal as “leopard-like” and black in colour mottled with ginger or yellow marks. It’s not the first time unusual creatures have been reported in the same area. In 2013 there were reports of a “black fox” in Highburton and Kirkburton.READ MORE- fox in fields at Kirkburton

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