Saturday 14 March 2015

NEWSLINK--Rarest big cat in the world to be part of a new breeding programme at Anna Ryder Richardson's Zoo

They are a species classed by conservationists as critically endangered but it is hoped a pair of Sumatran Tigers – one of the rarest big cat species in the world – will breed in captivity in West Wales. Manor House Wildlife Park, owned by conservation campaigner and celebrity interior designer Anna Ryder Richardson, will see the male and female arrive this summer to begin a tentative breeding programme. Fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers remain in wild, as they are often targeted by poachers for their body parts. 'Honour for Wales to be part of tiger conservation' Now the Zoo, in St Florence near Tenby, which has already part of another endangered species the Southern White Rhino breeding programme – hopes to help generate a viable back-up population to the wild animals. The Tigers are being introduced from the from London Zoo’s European Endangered Species Programme.The new Sumatran Tiger

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