Monday, 7 September 2015

NEWSLINK: Big Cats in Gloversville Get a New Home

A Gloversville man, forced to give up the three tigers and two leopards he's owned for the past 8 years has begrudgingly found a new home for the animals. After a 4-year legal battle, Steve Salton had to choose between his animals or jail time. 

He kept the big cats safe and healthy in enclosures at his home but the town argued that his property was not zoned for that type of use. A judge determined he had a year to get rid of the animals or he would face jail time. Salton had permits for all of the animals from the USDA and the DEC and the enclosures were inspected for safety three times a year but neighbors weren't happy about having the big cats so close and complained to town who says it was obligated to enforce the zoning rules.


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