Thursday, 13 October 2016

SIGHTING, PHOTOS, UK: Dog suffered horror wounds after being savaged by a 'puma' on country walk, owner claims

A dog nearly died from horrific injuries inflicted in a savage attack by ‘the Beast of Bucks’.

Rescue pooch Daisy was being taken for a walk by owner Carlos Romero, from High Wycombe, in woodland near local beauty spot Tom Burt’s hill when she was attacked by a ‘black panther’.

Terrified Carlos believes his beloved pet was pounced upon by a jungle lion as the area is a hotspot for sightings of big cats. In 2001, experts confirmed prints found on Wycombe Heights Golf Centre were those of a puma. Since then, locals have reported several sightings of a black big cat in the area, leading it to be nicknamed the “Beast of Bucks”.


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