Thursday, 28 September 2017

NEWSLINK: People in Kent have phoned the police over 'big cat and stray lion' sightings in woodland areas

This Leopard Cat was found in ScotlandEngland is famed for its pleasant countryside and animals more likely to be featured on Countryfile than a David Attenborough documentary about the African plains.

In the UK, the only known species of wild cat is the European Wildcat and is found only in Scotland.
That said, a number of Kent residents have been compelled to report sightings of 'large cats' to Kent Police in recent years.


Dartford, October 1, 2010
A 'large black animal' was seen in the Littlebrook area. Police attended and checked local cameras. Nothing was seen apart from a fox.

Canterbury, August 31, 2012
A 'possible large cat' was spotted in Blean Forrest. An enquiry was made to Howletts Zoo but all big cats were accounted for.


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