Sunday, 3 September 2017

NEWSLINK: Tourist safaris disturb Kabini’s wildlife, warn experts

“Leopard!” shouts someone with keen eyes and the 25-seater bus screeches to a halt. It reverses frantically on the muddy forest trail until the big cat is in full view: the noise of the bus and loud exclamations of the tourists wake the slumbering leopard splayed out on a tree trunk.

The tourists click photographs in a frenzy, but the leopard turns its face away. As if on cue, the driver releases the brakes — several loud hisses that make sure the big cat does not take its eyes off the bus. As the bus leaves the site, two jeeps race in. At the end of the safari, a tourist walks over to the driver and tips him for the 'good sighting'.

However, wildlife experts less than happy and have raised concerns over disturbance to wildlife from these official safaris.


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