Tuesday, 7 November 2017

PHOTOS: First picture of zookeeper, 44, mauled by rampaging tiger

Panthera tigris5.jpgThe zookeeper who was mauled by a rampaging Siberian tiger has been blamed by the zoo she works for after she 'violated safety procedures'.

Horrifying pictures showed how Nadezhda Srivastava, 44, was savaged by the beast after it pinned her to the ground as she brought food into the enclosure.

Heroic visitors saved her life by shouting, screaming, throwing stones at the tiger and picking up a table and chairs from a nearby cafe and hurling them into the compound.

This distracted the animal long enough for Nadezhda - who fought the beast's attempt to kill her - to flee to safety in part of the predator's enclosure.

One local account said the mother of three's escape was 'miraculous'.

Another said she had been "incredibly lucky" to be able to flee.

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