Wednesday, 21 March 2018

NEWSLINK: Man-eater leopard who killed four children captured

Flickr - Carine06 - I can see you.jpgIn February, the leopard killed one 10-year old Poonam Sallam from a village in Parasia forest range. On January 7, the leopard killed two children in a day-one three-year-old-girl Kalpana and ten-year-old Harshit. According to state forest department nearly 20 to 30 people are killed and nearly a 1000 to 1500 are injured by wild animals every year in MP. Nearly 200 officials of the forest department were involved in the search operation. The young male leopard had created terror in Chhindi and Parasia range area of Chhindwara, where it was attacking children.

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