Friday, 9 August 2019

SIGHTING, AUS: Large, black, panther-like animal seen near Rosebery, Tasmania

Helena Croker and Graham Darby, of NSW, got the shock of their lives last weekend when they saw a very large panther-like animal in Tasmania.

The couple, who were visiting Mrs Croker's daughter, were driving back from Burnie at about 7pm last Saturday.

"We were getting close to Rosebery," Mrs Croker said. "It was cold, there was misty rain and it was wet. There was no-one on the road. We were driving down the hill about a kilometre from the town.

"Suddenly a huge black cat leapt from the bank onto the road. It was enormous - the length was amazing. Between the tail and the head it was almost the full lane width, and about a metre tall.

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