Monday, 1 July 2013

NEWSLINK: CCTV: Leopard hunts dog in building

CCTV: Leopard hunts dog in building
Footage captured by the society's CCTV shows a big cat entering the lobby of the building, grabbing an unaware, sleeping stray and disappearing into the forest. Last Friday turned out to be a cat-eat-dog day in Mulund. A stray ended up being a late ...
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Leopard goes for the kill in Mulund lobby
Mumbai Mirror
CCTV clip shows big cat entering Lok Nisarg Apartments in Mulund, home to India batsman Ajinkya Rahane, and dragging out a dog sleeping in the lobby. A 20-second CCTV camera clip, which has gone viral, has scared the daylights out of nearly 1,000 ...
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Shocking CCTV footage : LEOPARD sneaks into house and attacks a pet dog
A fixed security camera picks up the sleek silhouette of the big cat as it strolls into the lobby. The lightly coloured dog can be seen curled up, possibly asleep, in the bottom right of shot - oblivious to the approaching predator. Within a few ...
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