Monday, 1 July 2013

NEWSLINK: Leopard Shot By Landowner In S. Indiana

Leopard Shot By Landowner In S. Indiana
Indiana's NewsCenter
CHARLESTOWN, Ind. - Officials are investigating after a large cat was shot near Charlestown, Ind. on Thursday evening. Our ABC affiliates at RTV6 tel us that a landowner shot the large cat and contacted Indiana Conservation Officers to retrieve the animal.
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Leopard Killed Prowling Indiana Backyard
ABC News
When they saw the big cat in the woods at the edge of her property, the woman's boyfriend shot and killed the animal before it could get any closer, not realizing it was a leopard. Residents of Indiana are allowed to own exotic large cats but they must ...
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Man mistakenly shoots leopard to protect cats
Many locals have suggested the animal could have come from a wildlife refuge located around a kilometre from where the animal was shot but the owner of 'Wild Life in Need' said the big cat was not his. Indian residents are allowed to own leopards if ...
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Indiana Leopard: Cat Lady Kills Big Cat
Officials are searching for the origin of the big cat. Indiana residents are allowed to keep such exotic animals, provided they have the appropriate permit, but no legal owners of leopards have yet claimed responsibility. This incident comes on the ...
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IFAW: Recent leopard shooting reported in Clark County, Indiana
Sacramento Bee
"This leopard was yet another victim of a horrible reality in the U.S., where keeping big cats as pets is generally legal," said Tracy Coppola, IFAW Campaigns Officer. "Nothing good comes from keeping a big cat as a pet, and this needs to stop. If it ...
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Indiana leopard: Since when did leopards live in Indiana?
Christian Science Monitor
Your double-take is completely understandable, though, as leopards are not native to the Hoosier State. The nine known subspecies of leopard make their homes in Africa and across Asia, the largest habitat of any species of big cat. But definitely not ...
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Cat shot and killed in Indiana identified as leopard (Video)
They claim to have found the feline in the video below, and Duke says the body was taken by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, where it apparently has been tentatively identified as a young leopard. The big cat may have been someone's pet ...
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Leopard Shot, Killed By Indiana Man Did Not Belong To Wildlife Refuge
Huffington Post
"To my knowledge, nothing's ever got off my property," said Stark, who had received calls about a large cat on the loose prior to the fatal shooting and had set traps in the hopes of catching it. Authorities think the leopard may have been someone's ...
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Indiana Leopard Shot and Killed By Couple; Officials Still Investigating How ...
Headlines & Global News
Indiana is not a hotbed for the big cats. The nine leopard species are usually found in Asia and Africa. A Charlestown, Indiana woman and her boyfriend saw the cat and believed it to be a bobcat. They were mistaken. There had been recent pet attacks ...
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Indiana leopard shot in couple's backyard
Jackson Clarion Ledger
The big cat appeared to be healthy, so “we know it has to be somebody's pet,” he said. A neighbor and friend of the woman who owns the house where the leopard was shot said the couple had been concerned about her cats after several attacks by an ...
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Big cats in the US: two more victims, in less than 24 hours | IFAW ...
The end of last week marked a particularly tragic and frightening time for big cats and public safety in Indiana, a state that allows people to keep big cats as pets ...

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