Saturday, 28 September 2013

AUSTRALIA SIGHTINGSS: Mystery big cats roaming 1930s Gippsland district

During the 1930s in Victoria’s Gippsland district, mystery beasts of the feline kind were said to be slinking and stalking through the thick undergrowth. Experienced bushmen were left shaking in their boots, kids were kept home from school by worried mothers, brave dogs bolted with their tails between their legs, and farmers were unwilling to venture outdoors without their rifles at their sides.
On 30 October 1933, the Gippsland Times reported that a “big fawn-coloured, cat-like beast” had been spotted roaming the Gippsland ranges for the past 12 months.
“The mystery of an unknown animal, said to have been seen in different parts of the Gippsland ranges during the past 12 months, has been deepened by a report made on Monday by a Trafalgar farmer. He says he has seen a big fawn-coloured, cat-like beast roaming in the rugged outback country of Gunyah. The farmer, Mr. George Siggins, and his two sons, all experienced bushmen, believe the animal is a lioness, or something like it.
“They will not now go unarmed into the virgin scrub near their farm, and Mr. Siggins is having a special steel trap built by a blacksmith,” the paper statedread more

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