Saturday, 21 September 2013

UK SIGHTINGS - Sighting of mysterious black cat predator

A MONEYSLANE man says he has spotted the 'big cat' linked to a number of local animal attacks.
Nigel Hanna (pictured) was driving to work in Lisburn around 5.50am last Wednesday when he crossed the path of the animal. He claims he had a clear view of the feline predator on the Ringsend Road, Dromara. 
“I could see something running into the hedge and I knew it wasn't a fox as I have seen plenty of them in my time," he said. 

“To me it was bigger than a fox, I have never seen an animal like it before," he said. Recent sightings of the 'cat' have been reported in the Hillsborough and Dromara areas and most recently a report from a farm on the Lackan Road, Ballyroney. 

Animals have been found mauled and a police spokeswoman said residents have claimed to have seen a big cat in the same area. She added: "These issues have now been brought to police attention and local officers are making more

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