Saturday 12 October 2013

AUSTRALIA SIGHTINGS: Big Cat Story 9th October 2013

Stories have abounded about Australia's big cats - black, panther-like creatures - since the mid 1800s. Plumber by trade Roger Mazzocato has spent every spare second for two and a half years hunting a big cat, known in Bealiba in outback Victoria as the Beast of Bealiba.

Mr Mazzocato's hunting ground measures about 200 square kilometres, often scouring the countryside for road kill and dead animals. He then places them where the cats have been spotted, and mounts cameras on trees - hoping to get a clear shot of the beast.

Video is below on the Today Tonight page

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  1. the animal is native and not a panther
    do not approch iif sighted as some have in the past (mad)
    reg roger mazzocato

  2. we've hunted cats in toowoomba/dalby area they are regular feral cats, from what weve learned three generations is all it take for little house mog to turn into big cats, they are like house cats on steroids, from the many we've culled you'd be surprised of what their diet consists of

  3. From personal observation over a period of 6 decades, I suggest Mr Mazzocato is using the wrong strategy with his road-kill. These cats only eat what they have killed themselves - not carrion.

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