Sunday, 13 October 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Legendary Big Cat Caught on Tape! YouTube YouTube - YouTube

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  1. There have now been 3 x large cat sightings in the same location in Wiltshire,the 1st sighting was in November 2013 seen by a security guard while on foot patrol which set off a security PIR light and was seen clearly for more than 2 x minutes while the security light stayed on. The. 2nd sighting was in Feb 2014 when a large cat was seen being chased by 2 x Cairn Terriers across a feild and the large cat was seen to run across an 18ft road in two long strides then jump a 4ft high stone wall & into a wooded area. the 3rd sighting was seen today 26th April 2014 seen by 2 x females out horse riding who both saw what they thought at first was a labrador carrying a pheasant in its mouth which then turned and climbed up a tree into the branches it then turned around and climbed back down the tree and ran off into nearby woods, which could only have been a large Cat as a Dog cannot obviously climb a tree ? We also have a set of clear photographed pug marks taken in November 2013 that measured 3" in diameter taken next to a ruler and a mans hand for scale. Bushnell Trail Cameras are now being put up to hopefully catch some more video evidence of a large cat in this area.