Saturday 19 October 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Weeklies' big cat search intensifies

As the “silly season” gets into full swing, readers of four Lincolnshire weekly papers are being kept up-to-date with the latest sightings of the infamous Wolds panther.
They are leading the search for hard evidence of the local “beast” that may – or may not – have been spotted.
The Skegness StandardLouth LeaderHorncastle News and Market Rasen Mail have all reported recent sightings of the mystery animal.
Now a ‘I’ve seen the beast’ hotline has been created to further encourage readers to report their own beastly tales.
The Standard has also offered a £100 reward for any genuine films or photographs of the creature that it publishes.
Several suggestions have been made as to what the elusive animal could be, notably a panther, puma or a “rare blue fox”.
One reader reported seeing a “big, black beast” with a “strong and disgusting” … “foul scent”. It was the second sighting by Hubert Caborn, who had previously encountered the animal three years ago.
Another reader, who wished to remain anonymous, claims to have been stalked by a puma, resulting in him having to lock himself in his dog’s pen.
Louth Leader reporter Jayne Elliot said: “We have had an incredible response, with people confidently phoning in reporting sightings from a couple of weeks ago to a couple of years more

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  1. In November 2013 a Large Feline species was seen by a Security officer at a secret location in Wiltshire, One week later a set of very clear "Cat Pug Marks " were also found in Wet Mud measuring nearly 3" x 3" and confirmed as 100% feline and several colour photographic evidence was taken of them with a standard metric ruler along side for scale. and a Mans Hand. Since the initial sighting a Bushnell Trail Camera has been set up in the same location as the initial sighting and excellent Video evidence has "NOW" been captured of a substantially large feline measuring 16" at the shoulder, 24" in body length, & 14" tail, all the measurements have been digitally analised and are now confirmed correct & been verified. This large species of Feline is not a Panther, or Puma, but is beleived to be sub species that is living wild. The Trail Camera is still being used to gather more footage of this amasing animal and when more sufficient video evidence is captured it will then be shown to select groups of other UK Big Cat enthusiasts and followers and people that have also seen and reported similar sightings and this can be discussed at meetings with other people that know that these Cats do exist, and would also want to see the Video footage for themselves of this large feline caught on Video.