Monday 12 May 2014

NEWSLINK: Shania Twain Joins Big Cat Conservation Group

Shania Twain
Jeff Bottari, Getty Images

Shania Twain has joined Panthera, the world’s leading cat conservation organization, as a Global Ambassador.
Twain will serve as ambassador for the group’s new leopard conservation initiative, Project Pardus, which refers to the Latin word for the panther’s fur. Pardus is widely copied in the fashion world, but the leopard is considered the most persecuted big cat in the world.
“The image and spirit of the leopard is an inspiration to millions around the world, including myself,” Twain says. “That it is also the most oppressed of the big cats is almost unknown. If we’re to save this animal in the wild, we have to get ahead of the curve before it suffers the same fate as so many other species that we once felt to be secure in their numbers. I feel privileged to give back to a creature that depends for its future on what we do now to save it … and I urge the wider world to join Panthera and me in this mission.”
Project Pardus is the first of its kind to highlight the plight of the leopard in an effort to stop the widespread killing of the cat. The main threats to the species include habitat destruction, as well as killings by livestock herders, trophy hunters and poachers looking to cash in on the cat’s skin and body parts.
Panthera has been working to help the African leopard, Central Asia’s Persian/Caucasian leopard and the Indian leopard. Project Pardus will expand the organization’s efforts to include Arabian and Sri Lankan leopards.
For more information on Project Pardus, including a link to donate, visit

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