Saturday, 24 May 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: Big-cat-killed-sheep-report-police-Buckfastleigh

'Big cat' sightings have been reported POLICE have received a report of sheep being killed by a 'big cat'in Buckfastleigh.
The claim is one of 20 reports of ‘big cats’ being spotted across Devon, Cornwall and Plymouth over the last three years.
Details of the police logs, released following a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal people have called 999 to report a ‘wild beast’, a ‘wolverine’, a ‘puma-like animal’ which ripped open the throat of a sheep, and several apparent sightings of large cats.
Most of the reports, which date back to January 2011, originate from rural locations on both sides of the Cornwall-Devon border, with some coming from within Plymouth.

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