Tuesday, 16 September 2014

NEWSLINK: Big cat on a hot tin roof! Moment tiger hitches a lift on top of a CAR as it drives es-lift-CAR-drives-nature-reserve

Tigers may be fit and dynamic creatures who can run at speeds of up to 37mph but judging by this unusual video even they sometimes feel like catching a handy ride on a lazy day.
This video shows a tiger taking a ride on a moving car in Everland Safari in South Korea.
A group of visitors to the park are then seen pointing in astonishment as they witness the tiger stretching its legs on top of the vehicle as it turns a corner. 
The visitors, seem to be informing other members of their group about the unexpected sight.
The tiger looks calm and relaxed as he takes his unexpected ride on top of the black and white striped safari car.
Moments after the car and tiger come into shot another tiger is seen walking towards the car in a curious manner.

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