Saturday, 13 September 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Mystery beast captured on camera?

by Victoria Bull

Updated on the 04 September 2014 

The idea that there may be a frightening feline on the prowl in Hemel Hempstead hasn’t made many people paws for thought... but a cat-trick of reported sightings have been followed by a fourth which has been captured on video.

Since we reported last week that CCTV engineer Haroon Khan spotted what looked like a monstrous moggy as he drove along Bunkers Lane, two other sharp-eyed residents have been in touch to say they’ve seen the beast, too.

And today a motorist, who has asked to remain anonymous, has sent the Gazette a video of an unidentifiable ‘beast’ near Buncefield. On first viewing the animal appears to be a large fox. But on closer inspection its body is not that of a typical fox and is very much feline and chocolate brown/grey in colour.

That matches the description of Karen Dunn, who explained she saw a large cat in an ‘unusual chocolate brown colour that lightened in to almost ginger at its tips’ carrying a dead bird in its mouth, near Gadebridge Park alongside the Leighton Buzzard Road.

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