Tuesday, 19 November 2019

NEWSLINK: Huge 5ft black panther spotted prowling fields near Doncaster's Keepmoat Stadium

The big cat was spotted by mum Jessica Clark at the weekend – and is the latest in a series of ‘panther’ sightings in and around Doncaster.

She said: “When we got close to it, I realised exactly what it was and it was terrifying.

“When I realised what I’d seen, I just started panicking. It was massive and very muscular and definitely a big cat. It was quite frightening to see something like that up close."

Mrs Clark was travelling along White Rose Way towards Doncaster from the M18 at around 4.30pm on Sunday when she spotted the beast within the Potteric Carr Nature Reserve, just a short distance from Doncaster Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium.

The Warmsworth mum of two said: “I first saw it as we approached in the car."

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